If you are having trouble understanding your bill or if it is higher or lower than expected than do not hesitate to call the O2 Customer Service Helpline on 0843 506 9859. It may be that you have exceeded the amount of text messages, phone call minutes or Internet downloads you are entitled to in accordance with your contract. Also using Text or Multimedia messaging, especially when you are abroad, could result in your bill being higher than expected. Depending on the terms of your O2 Contract you may be entitled to change your phone and upgrade to a newer model. If you have a query regarding your pay monthly phone and whether you are eligible to upgrade call now. Call the O2 Customer Service phone number on 0843 506 9859 for help if you suspect that your phone has been stolen or you have lost it. Call the O2 Customer Service telephone number on 0843 506 9859 for help if you suspect that your phone has become blocked.

To check how much remaining balance you have on a pay monthly phone you will need a minimum of 1 minute of call time allowance left in order to make a call.
This phone number should allow you to reach their customer services centre and in some cases will give you instructions on what keys to press to reach the O2 help line that bit quicker.We welcome all comments - if you find an error in this information, please do help us to our phone numbers up to date by submitting a comment on the right of this page!Thanks and kind regards, The Helpline Directory.
Another common reason is that you have made calls to numbers that are not included in your allowance such as International destinations, or numbers that begin with 0800, 0845 or 09.
Call the Helpline now on 0843 506 9859 for advice and to find out how to stop your phone sending SMS (text messages) as MMS (multimedia messages). To discuss your options call the O2 Customer Service contact number now on 0843 506 9859 and find out if you are eligible and what options you have available for an upgrade. It is possible that you will need to provide your PUK code in order to unblock a handset, (personal unblocking key). Common queries such as activating new sim’s, ordering a new sim or micro sim are easily solved.

To discuss any of these issues, or if you have any other questions, call the O2 Customer Service Helpline now on 0843 506 9859 for more information. If, however you are content with your current handset you can simply change the tariff you are currently on. For example you may be able to increase the amount of allowances you receive on your phone per month.

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