APPresident-elect Obama talks on a cell phone as he steps out of his vehicle to board his plane at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, Monday, Nov. The president's e-mail can be subpoenaed by Congress and courts and may be subject to public records laws, so if a president doesn't want his e-mail public, he shouldn't e-mail, experts said. Obama transition officials haven't made a decision on what the new president will or will not carry, but those who have been there say it's unlikely he'll carry his BlackBerry and he may be in for some withdrawal pains. President-elect Obama has often been seen avidly checking his e-mail on his handheld equipment.
Actress Scarlett Johansson said she has had frequent e-mail exchanges with him during his campaign travels, something the Obama campaign downplayed. A few days before Bush took office in 2001, he sent an e-mail to a few dozen close friends saying he would no longer use e-mail: "Since I do not want my private conversations looked at by those out to embarrass, the only course of action is not to correspond in cyberspace.
The Bush White House has been battling courts about lapses in e-mail archives at the White House.
Before 2001, Bush was an active e-mailer, but that was before the now ubiquitous BlackBerry with e-mail and text message functions was released in 2002. Quitting BlackBerry use is not something some political types -- such as McClellan -- or tech-geeks like thinking about. Benjamin Nugent, author of the book "American Nerd," said the president-elect is such a techie and has nerd qualities.
But it actually could be good for the president-elect, said psychology professor Lawrence Welkowitz of Keene State University in New Hampshire.
But even if Obama isn't packing a BlackBerry or cell phone, he'll have plenty of aides within arm's reach who do, experts said. And there is the chance that Obama may buck the past and keep his BlackBerry tethered to his belt.
Whether shopping in Paris or returning home from a Hawaiian getaway, Sasha Obama is one super cute jetsetter. While returning home from a family trip to her hometown Chicago during Memorial Day weekend, the 8-year-old wowed us again. She wore Flowers by Zoe‘s grey ZigZag Dress ($60), white leggings and purple sandals — topped off with a zebra print tote.

Instead of a black zig zag print, Xhilaration‘s Sleeveless Tank ($8) sports a pretty sequin stripe down the front.
While I don’t agree with Obama’s political views, Malia and Sasha are very pretty girls! Back on topic:Love the outfit and think is is very age appropriate.And Sasha is getting so tall!
Jessica it’s the same as when people do those silly sandwich comments, they say something nice, sneak in the negative comment to bash the celeb kid, and then add something else nice to make it seem better. Dana, who cares if you firmly agree with Jenn and Alisa and do not share the same political views as our President. I happen to think this outfit is age appropriate but the $60 price tag for a 8 year olds tank top is RIDICULOUS!!
In the world of the internet, it is very easier for the children to see these comments, so you should think before you type. Personally I think they should disable the comment sections for the president’s children. No offense but I get that Americans are split on the issue of the man’s politics but cant you people just say cute outfit or something of the sort and move on? It’s so distasteful bringing political agenda on a site thats supposed to highlight celebrity kids and their style or parenting from the stars.
I dont necessarily agree with everything my Prime Minister says or does but his children have nothing to do with his job. I can’t find your comment where you said it was cute and not sure you even know what you are saying.
Neither of you can acknowledge that was an insulting remark made towards those who follow this blog and may lean in a conservative direction when it comes to politics. Now that he's won the job, he may have to break another addiction: Checking his BlackBerry for e-mail. This past summer, news cameras recorded him checking his BlackBerry while watching his daughter's soccer game, only to have Michelle Obama slap at his hands, prompting him to return the device to its holster. 14, 2008, photo released by CBS, President-elect Barack Obama and Michelle Obama speak with CBS' 60 Minutes reporter Steve Kroft.

If you want to delete White House e-mail, you get a stern warning about archiving presidential records, he said.
So cutting off the BlackBerry could be painful: "It'll be interesting if we could see the torment on his face. Why don’t we leave children out of the world of fashion and critique and let them be children???
The comments here leave a lot to be desired though…In fact, I thought the press had agreed to leave the girls alone to protect them from this very scrutiny!? In no way shape or form did Alisa insult any political party, while she prefaced her comment with a remark that may not have been necessary, she indulged in nothing even vaguely insulting or that could have been construed as name calling. I didnt say she LOOKED miserable and agreed her outfit was cute….its people like you who twist words and make things a bigger deal then they need to be!
Dickens jokes that he personally is so addicted to his BlackBerry that he checks his device before opening his right eye. Because I was never much for pink and I would never have worn a Dora T-shirt (if Dora had existed whwn I was that age). I agree that it looks more like something a teenager or even an adult might wear, but it looks great on her, too! The outfit is probably a little too grown-up for an eight year old, but not ridiculously so. To me it looks like something my goddaughers 9 year old sister would wear, and perfect for a flight to boot! She’s obviously not showing too much skin or trying to draw unnecessary attention to herself, so what’s the problem? It drives me crazy when Miley Cyrus is referred to as a tween when she is on the late end of TEEN.

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