It features the next generation system-on-a-chip A7 processor with 64-bit desktop class architecture. It has full Xcode support, and is backwards compatible. Don’t hold your panties in a -bunch-, they can name it whatever they want to name it. The air name is an unnecessary designation if there will be nothing in the future that denotes a non-Air.
In a meeting between both organizations’ executive management teams, at Gulf Air’s headquarters, future plans for critical ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services and solutions were discussed. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, the CEO of VIVA Bahrain CEO stated that he is delighted Gulf Air has chosen them to provide the latest devices that will assist in the successful execution of their iPad Electronic Flight Bags project. Picking up the iPad Air for the first time is reminiscent of the feelings of holding an iPad mini for the first time—it’s pretty darn lightweight and very thin. Typing in portrait mode is now actually possible and holding the iPad one-handed for more than a few minutes is no longer tiresome. This morning, from what you’ve told us via Twitter and email, it appears most iPad Air configurations for the most part were widely available at retail stores and resellers.
I do love the space Gray but when I had my black mini the black anodizing was though but started to wear on the edges on the front wit really pissed me off. Following up on earlier rumours suggesting Apple will unveil the next-generation 9.7-inch iPad at a March media event, Digitimes points to General Interface Solution and TPK Holding as touch panel suppliers for the tablet.
Sources speaking with Digitimes say production of the iPad Air 3 will not start until the second quarter, despite being unveiled in the first.
The new 9.7-inch device will reportedly come equipped with a 4K resolution panel and up to 4GB in RAM, in addition to improved battery life.
As detailed in the report, General Interface Solution will supply LCD modules and touch panels along with backlighting products, while TPK will be in charge of providing touch panels. Digitimes goes on to say that the aforementioned suppliers expect to see a slight increase in demand for touch panels for products equipped with 3D Touch in the first half of the year, although the iPad Air 3 is said to lack the feature.
According to a report by CTV News, a Target location in the Kitchener area appears to have sold a Waterloo woman a demo iPad Air unit by accident. For those who have experienced a demo iPad or iPhone unit before, you probably would be familiar with preinstalled apps, photos and more on a device. I think what a bigger concern here is the hiring practices of the Wagerloo Regional Police.
Duh, as if they would refurbish the unit but forget to wipe it out and THEN mark it as Demo and put it on the market. The volume control flex cable shows the up and down volume buttons along with what appears to be a microphone. Apple is expected to announce the next-generation iPad Air and iPad mini at a media event on Thursday, October 16.

According to to KGI Securities anaylst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is looking to release a completely redesigned 12-inch MacBook with a high resolution Retina display, sometime in the middle of 2014, MacRumors reports. Due to an improved yielding rate of Retina displays, Kuo states that the next generation MacBook will debut at a lower price point as compared to the current Retina MacBooks. Kuo also predicts that the new 12-inch Retina MacBook will sport a high-resolution 2304 x 1440 display. Earlier, Kuo also added he expects a lower-cost iMac and a sixth generation iPad in 2014 with 30-40% increase in pixel density. It’s no surprise that in the tech world one company will always try to come up with inventive ads to try and sell their products and degrade others. In the latest ad, Amazon attempts to show that their new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has a better display, is lighter, and costs less than the iPad Air.
In the spirit of the holidays, tech companies around the world will try their hardest to persuade consumers to buy their products even if it means mocking another company and people at that company. Yeah we have contacted Disqus about it–they tell us the new mobile format is launching for everyone soon. It also sports a new, improved FaceTime HD camera with larger pixels, improved backside illumination and dual microphones.
Destroying original retina display’s PPI on iPad mini to match it with iPad Air was very unlike Job-based Apple. If you can’t contribute to such a discussion with something intelligent, then why bother posting at all? The national carrier has extended its agreement with the telecoms company to include 355 iPad devices as part of its proposed roll-out of iPad EFBs. Maher Salman AlMusallam commented on the agreement: “We are proud of our existing strategic relationship with VIVA Bahrain and pleased to extend this partnership to include the provision of iPad devices as part of Gulf Air’s Electronic Flight Bag project. According to Gulf Air’s Director of Information Technology, the airline wants to leverage the latest technologies in order to improve the efficiency of the airline’s operations and provide better services to its passengers. After unwrapping the plastic off the box and taking some obligatory unboxing photos, we must say this new iPad Air is impressive.
Check out some of our unboxing images below of the Space Gray model (along with comparison shots to the iPad 3, which just looks downright fat now and feels slow), followed by an unboxing video of the silver and white iPad Air by our resident video pro Kris Meador. I also went back to black iPad Air from a white iPad 3 and it’s so much better for movies. What could make the forthcoming tablet more appealing is the 4K display and the 4 GB of RAM that supply chain sources claim it features.
Demo iOS units come preinstalled with info such as apps, contacts, photos, and more so users can try out a device.
The fact this iPad Air was sealed and non-distinguishable other than the ‘demo’ label, I can see how that could convince a non-user the info could be real.

Was this a demo unit sold or does this iPad actually ‘belong’ to a woman living in California? Of course its going to be full of content for customers to see what they can all do with the info. The improved GPU could help power a new Retina HD display that may make an appearance on the new iPads. Multiple rumours have pointed to the next version of the iPad Air to contain Apple’s fingerprint reader.
Reports have claimed that the display will be laminated onto the glass on the iPad Air 2 for an overall thinner design.
The company is also expected to announce updated iMacs and Mac Minis alongside the public release date of OS X Yosemite. The analyst added that the new MacBook will be even lighter and slimmer than the current generation MacBook Air notebooks. The high resolution display will also offer the outstanding visual experience of the Retina MacBook Pro. The analyst has well-connected sources within Apple’s supply chain and has a good track record when it comes to predicting future Apple products. In past weeks we have seen Microsoft and Nokia come up with tons of commercials comparing their products to Apple and Samsung products. The video shows photos on the iPad which look to be professionally taken, a clue the unit is a demo.
The new chip, dubbed the “A8X,” is said to be accompanied by more RAM (rumours point to 2GB). Touch ID first debuted on the iPhone 5S and brings an added layer of security to your device. The offering will likely be lighter and slimmer than the existing MacBook Air to further highlight ease of portability in the cloud computing era. We think the form factor will showcase a much improved clamshell structure, and that it will redefine laptop computing once again following the milestone created by the MacBook Air”. I’m going to try to take care of it much better this time and hope the anodizing holds up.

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