Winnipeg residential phone directories, entirely devoted to personal phone number lookups, are now available only upon request. If Winnipeggers want the latest White Pages phonebook, they'll have to make a call and order it. In 2010, YPG introduced the same initiative in the cities of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, the Ottawa-Gatineau area and Quebec City. The distribution by request of the residential directory in Winnipeg will decrease directory distribution in the city by approximately 500,000 copies. The food bank says a recent influx of refugee families into Manitoba has put a strain on its ability to feed people in need.

Janitor at a tractor repair shop, spent a lot of my time cleaning up oil spills and chopping up wood for the stove. Compaq Presario (~1997) laptop running Windows 95, didn’t have internet until a year or two after that. Gordon Partridge said they've been at the location on Portage Avenue and Maryland Street for about 15 years and he doesn't remember a time without construction. What started as a one month contract 3 years ago, turned into a two month contract, and eventually into a full-time career with Whitepages (we just couldn’t let him leave!). I really enjoyed the environment and the amount of influence I had on design compared to my previous experiences, so eventually a one-month gig became two months, then six months, then full-time.

I hope to never have a job again where one of my responsibilities is emptying a spittoon, but it was probably a healthy experience. I don’t care so much about the quality of the beans, coffee is more about function+ritual to me.

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