The craze for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has already at its peak, and many users are searching for cases to protect their devices.
So, today we are going to list the top 10 bumper cases available for iPhone 6s Plus at present.
Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon bumper case gives your iPhone 6s Plus a brand new look with double protection. If you are looking forward to customizing your bumper case with extra protection, Caseology case is something which you might be interested in. Although Spigen Ultra Hybrid bumper case doesn’t have the back cover or front screen, it still protects your iPhone 6s Plus from all the corners. Do you want to show your iPhone 6s Plus design and want to protect your device simultaneously? If you are specifically looking a bumper case just for iPhone 6s Plus, this is a perfect pick for you. The iHarbort bumper case comes with all the basic features of what should be provided by a case. JETech comes with advanced technology for shock absorption making it sure that your iPhone 6s Plus is never exposed to any shocks.
LUVVITT bumper case is a stylish yet sleek in design, and it fits perfectly for the iPhone 6s Plus phone. The naked shield with metal kickstand is what OBLIQ provides in its bumper case for iPhone 6s Plus. Although the material used to manufacture the ReElegant bumper case is plastic, it provides you the strongest protection for your iPhone 6s Plus. For a lot of users - including us here at iGB - iMessage often goes berserk and doesn't work at all.
Apple's WWDC has been one of the most anticipated events in the tech world for over two and a half decades. WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging app with over 800 million users around the world. Right after the release of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, many firms are eager to release their products.

The scratch-resistant back cover and the shock absorbing bumper case give you the best protection for your iPhone 6s Plus. When you install this bumper case on your iPhone, the original look of the device will remain the same as there is no front or back cover.
It might be similar in other features like shock resistant, scratch resistant, drops and bumps, etc. Other cases are available for different models, but this one is just for the iPhone 6s Plus and 6 Plus (released in 2014).
Right from the scratch resistant to shock proof technology, iHarbort bumper case protects your device from every single shock or bump. The four corners of the iPhone can be covered perfectly because you of the unique design of JETech. Apart from the protection, the design is something which impressed me a lot, and I hope that you would like it too.
You can easily access all the ports and the buttons with ease even if the bumper case covers your iPhone. And we know that as a user, you too are pretty much excited to know the best of all bumper cases available for iPhone 6s Plus. It doesn’t matter whether you want to protect your camera, corners or the screen of your iPhone 6s Plus, this bumper case is a perfect pick for you. As you have a range of colors to choose from, you will get the best from these bumper cases.
Besides just protection, it gives your iPhone 6s Plus a slimmer look as compared to the other cases on today’s list.
Without compromising the protection, giving it all the four corners, it gives you a chance to display the back design of iPhone 6s Plus as there is no back cover.
The anti-slip properties give you an extra grip on the surfaces so that the device never slips from your hand and even if its slips, it will be safe due to multilayered material on all the corners.
Even if you use the bumper case, it is never hard to access the controls of power or volume buttons.
The company also gives you an offer to customize the bumper case, and the case comes with lifetime warranty.

As all the bumper cases provide scratch resistant, corner protection, drop protection, etc. This bumper case in the list impressed me a lot, and the reason is different models available.
When you have a look at the product, it’s crystal clear and neat which gives your iPhone a brand new look.
He is passionate about writing the tech news and he writes for several other tech blogs too. In terms of style, you just can’t get a better option than Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon case. The colors in which Caseology bumper cases are available: Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.
The buttons can be easily pressed and felt because the case is neither too thick nor too thin. Impact resistant dual layers in the bumper case make sure that your device is safe even if it falls on a tougher surface from a certain height.
Please note that there are protection films on both the sides when you install this bumper case. The piece of metal on the lower back is something different as compared to the other bumper cases on the list. Some of them are fusion black, Fusion crystal view, fusion mint, fusion mirror and smoke black. When you use this bumper case on iPhone 6s Plus, it is pretty easy to grip, and the buttons too are easy to operate.
All these cases are unique, and they aren’t produced by any of the firms, at least till date. It’s light weight and also protects your device from dust which is a pretty important feature.

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