This cell phone detector circuit can sense the presence of an activated mobile cell phone from a distance of one and-a-half meters. If a RF signal is detected the cell phone detector circuit will inform you using a sound alarm (beep sound ) and a blinking LED .
In this type of circuit (that use high frequency 0.9-3Ghz ) you can not use an LC circuit for frequency tuning  . The circuit uses a 0.22?F disk capacitor (C3) to according the RF circuit to ensure the capability of the circuit to capture the mobile phone signal . This cellular phone detector can detect any activity of a mobile phone : incoming or outgoing SMS , video transmission or voice transmission . The C3 capacitor must have leads length of 18 mm with 8 mm spacing between leads to obtain the desired frequency .  This small disk capacitor acts as a small gigahertz loop antenna to collect the RF signals  . This cellular phone detector electronic circuit diagram can be used to verify the presence of an active cellular phone in the tested area . Check if is there some other devices around; also you can try to shield antenna with an aluminum box and see what is happen.
I've connected this circuit but of electronic alarm and diode works directly during the closure of the circuit without the presence of mobile phones. This circuit only works for RF signal ,if u want circuit works in off condition .u will use mobile jammer circuit. This circuit only detect RF signal, so it can not be used to detect a network or to detect a switched off phone.
I tried to connect the circuit, cell phone dector but it wasnt sensing and i even tried to make some calls but still not responding.
CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. This homemade metal detector circuit will help you find objects composed of materials with relatively high magnetic permeability. Meter needle deviation is a measure of frequency change, since the direction of deviation depends on the type of material detected by the coil. Coil L1 consists of 40 turns of enamelled copper wire, wound on a plastic template with a diameter of about 10 cm.

Use an oscilloscope to check that pin 2 of IC1 delivers sinusoidal signal with frequency about 75 kHz. Este circuito detector de metales de realizacion casera le ayudara a encontrar objetos realizados con materiales con permeabilidad magnetica relativamente alta. El detector de metales es alimentado por 2 pilas de 9V, consumiendo 15 mA de cada una de ellas. Normalmente, la frecuencia central del VCO de IC1 sera igual a la frecuencia de oscilacion de T1.
Al variar la frecuencia de oscilacion de T1, el PLL de IC1, que compara ambas frecuencias, genera una variacion de tension en su salida, patilla 6 de IC1. Este puente del medidor se equilibra mediante el ajustable P2, ajustando a cero el medidor M1 cuando la bobina detectora L1 no esta detectando ningun objeto metalico en su radio de accion. La bobina L1 consta de 40 vueltas de hilo de cobre esmaltado, realizada sobre una plantilla de plastico de unos 10 cm de diametro. Para ajustar el circuito correctamente, emplee un osciloscopio para comprobar que en la patilla 2 de IC1 hay una tension sinusoidal con una frecuencia de unos 75 kHz (oscilacion de T1).
Recent Questionshow can an AVR get a generated sin wave by matlab,using serial interface and realize it using DAC? Scrabby, the Scrabble(TM) word finder, helps you quickly and easily find all the possible words from a given set of letters. It is not suitable for buried coins discovery that is not sensitive enough but you can detect pirates treasures! Inductance thus obtained ensure the functioning of the oscillator at a frequency approximately equal to the VCO included in the PLL loop. Adjust P1 so that fronts rectangular signal from pin 4 to coincide with the peaks of the sinusoidal signal from pin 2. No es adecuado para la busqueda de monedas enterradas ya que no es lo suficientemente sensible, ?pero puede detectar tesoros piratas!
La bobina detectora L1 forma parte de un oscilador sinusoidal realizado en torno al transistor T1. Pero cuando hay un objeto metalico (ferroso o no ferroso) cerca de la bobina detectora L1, es afectado por el campo magnetico inducido por la bobina, y modifica ligeramente la inductancia de esta, con lo que varia la frecuencia de oscilacion de T1.

Esto provocara un desequilibrio de tensiones en el puente constituido alrededor de los transistores T2, T3, R5 y R6, provocando una desviacion de la aguja del medidor M1. M1 es un microamperimetro de aguja con cero central (el autor empleo un microamperimetro de ±50 µA), y la direccion de la desviacion de la aguja hacia uno u otro lado del cero central dependera del tipo de material metalico detectado por la bobina detectora L1.
La inductancia obtenida para tal bobina garantiza que la frecuencia de oscilacion de T1 sea aproximadamente la del oscilador VCO interno del chip PLL IC1, en torno a los 75 kHz. A continuacion ajustar P1 de manera que los frentes rectangulares de los impulsos presentes en la patilla 4 de IC1 (salida de oscilacion del VCO) coinciden con los picos de la senal sinusoidal presente en la patilla 2.
How the soil moisture sensor knows soil is wet or dry Hi orbital introduced in the mobile blockers that only have a chair surrounded. Normally, the center frequency of the voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) from the PLL loop that is contained in IC1 is equal to the oscillation frequency of T1. El chip IC1 incluye otro oscilador, controlado por tension (VCO), cuya frecuencia central se ajusta mediante P1. Conseguido esto, ajuste P2 para poner el medidor M1 en su posicion de reposo (en el cero central de M1).
Use it to Learn new words, find valid words you may have missed, or to quickly settle Scrabble game disputes. This changes when entering a metallic object (ferrous or nonferrous) in the field induced by L1. Una vez ajustado todo, con el tiempo tendra que retocar de vez en cuando P2 para reajustar el cero del medidor, a medida que disminuya la tension de las pilas por el uso de este circuito.
In the schematic universal-triac-control-with-optocoupler, the PNP transistor 2SB328 is shown as NPN. Un interruptor miniatura S1 de dos circuitos sirve para desconectar las pilas cuando no se use este detector.

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