Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Some of us remember when telephones were clunky black objects with long cords and a big rotary dial face.
Incredibly, some people are still paying that monthly rental charge, with lifetime payments high enough to have bought hundreds of telephones.
A few months ago a Staten Island woman who had lost her job and had plenty of free time decided to carefully examine her monthly bills.
In 1982 AT&T agreed in an anti-trust settlement with the government to break up into regional telephone companies, thereby instituting competition with new companies and ending its monopoly on the production and leasing of telephones.
But many people, oblivious of quickly advancing telephone technology, continued to pay their monthly telephone bills, unaware that included in the bill was a lease payment for their phone.

A class action was eventually filed against AT&T for overcharging people for rental payments that vastly exceeded the actual cost of the equipment. Echo Media, a print media advertising service that allows advertisers to include their inserts into monthly billing services, includes QLT Customer Lease Services as one of the available monthly billers that advertisers can take advantage of.
So check and see if Grandma is still paying to rent a telephone she could have bought hundreds of times over. If you have specific evidence a company is defrauding the government, contact the James Hoyer Law Firm.
A settlement in 2002 set aside a $350 million fund to compensate almost 30 million class members, but only 92,000 claims were filed, with payouts ranging between $15 and $80. The entity that was in charge of leasing, AT&T Customer Lease Services, changed its name in October, 2008, to QLT Customer Lease Services.

As a whistleblower, you can file a legal action in the government’s name to recover money for taxpayers. Mostly elderly customers who may have no idea they are still paying to rent their old telephones.
Today, more and more people (almost 20%) are even leaving their landlines behind and relying exclusively on cell telephones.

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