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Ok so I know a similar(ish) question has been asked before re: friendly format for Phone Numbers. My question however focuses on a more specific part of this question, namely the 'dropped' first zero issue in the city code.
Option B - has a note underneath the field which displays to the user the preferred format to enter. Option C pre-empts the city code and enters the initial 0 for the user, so 207 could be entered here. Option D - a dynamic drop down who's contents change depending on the option the user chooses in the first(country) drop down. Or if anyone knows of anyone has any other ideas or knows of any existing patterns that handle this issue well, I would be interested to discuss them here. Option A or B B are the best options, but if you chose Option B perhaps you could have the same phone number in the text box greyed out until the user starts typing, then underneath where the sample field is, have a friendly reminder reminding the user not to forget the area code.
There was some great research done by Jessica Enders on this subject in late 2009 (focusing on Australian phone numbers). Interestingly, in another 11% of cases, the 8 digits of the main part of the landline number were given, unbroken, but also without the area code, despite it being explicitly requested via a caption next to the field.
With that research incorporated, option B seems like the closest fit, especially since you provide an example of how to fill in your phone number. Option B offers fewer restrictions, which is a good thing in a case like this where the area code is not necessarily an explicitly defined length (as Gareth mentions above).

You can add another layer of validation by splitting the first 4 characters off the data users enter & checking them against your list of valid area codes. As for area codes and phone numbers formats, there are so many of them that it might require considerable amount of work to list them all.
Just as an example, we're dropping area codes in Sweden as far as I know (an expensive project). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged forms input or ask your own question. What's the best and most intuitive way to have a user enter a height value in feet and inches into a web form?
What scientifically would make it possible that certain large bodies of water be impassable? Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Correct capitalization is not required, but can sometimes help to locate names and acronyms.
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One additional benefit is that you're able to use the HTML5 input type=tel field type to allow user agents to provide input help (especially on mobile devices). Ideally your implementation should permit any combination of punctuation for input (stripping out punctuation for validation).

I would also suggest that validation errors that are caused by free-typing without adding an area code can be detected and the user informed after completing the field that the number isn't complete. The leading zero in option C can confuse users who have already developed motor memory of entering their phone number with the area code & the leading zero.
I would recommend displaying a valid example (if you know the format) after the user selects their location. I'm used to add area code when submiting forms on foreign websites so in my daily use solution A would be the best.
I found something online about it being a fake number as many have gotten calls from numbers with the same area code. Schools were awarded gold, silver or bronze medals based on their performance on state assessments and how well they prepare students for college.
I know I sometimes stop and think when I get to this point in at a form 'What is the most appropriate format'?
The ideal being that if someone thinks of their phone number as a continuous value, they're equally supported as someone who thinks of their phone number in pairs of digits.
That way you keep it simple for all users, but inform that 10% who miss the area code that they've entered their number incorrectly.
And option D is outright complicated because there are hundreds of area codes (and some are assigned to multiple localities) so users will have to do some considerable searching. However, you need to be aware that phone number formats change from country to country so your mask needs to change according to the country user selects.

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