Since the tool’s developer is publicly acknowledging that he’s working on a Pro version, we’ll make sure to keep an eye on the next version, and it’s potential among the cybercriminals using it. As yet another superhero movie strikes it big on opening weekend we’re left to scratch our heads as to why. Apple has confirmed that there is a known fault with the camera of the iPhone 6 Plus which leads to less than ideal images being captured by affected devices.
The iPhone 6 Plus has an iSight camera, which makes it arguably the best smartphone that Apple has ever released when it comes to image capture quality.

Any owner of the iPhone 6 Plus should visit Apple’s official site and use the serial number of the device in question to find out whether it is susceptible to this issue. If the camera is likely to develop the malfunction, or is already showing signs of it, then taking it to an Apple Store if possible or alternatively posting it to Apple will let you take advantage of the free repair service. However, in its current forum, the tool fails to delivery the necessary features to cause a widespread adoption across the cybercrime ecosystem, vendors of TDoS in particular. And in order to address this issue which only a small number of customers are facing, the firm has also confirmed that it will carry out the repair work without charging a fee, according to Apple Insider.

It seems only the first run of iPhone 6 Plus models to come off the production line were impacted, so models purchased after January 2015 should be fine.

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