To find out what trends are emerging in cabinetry, we went to another member of CMG: KAREN ZAPP, product manager for Winnipeg-based Kitchen-Kraft Cabinetry. This stunning jewellery box has been crafted in 1.5mm rigid card which gives it durability and protects the delicate jewellery which it houses.
Round 8oz Deli ContainerOur biodegradable & compostable round Deli Containers are made from an annually renewable resource, corn!

These containers are made from NatureWorks® Biopolymer, a 100% corn-based resin that is fully compostable in a commercial facility in 45-60 days. Also have your working file (artwork) ready to upload so we could get better idea what we are quoting on.
They are heat stable up to 131F and designed to compost in a commercial facility in 45 to 60 days.

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