Tucked away in a northside neighborhood, theya€™re well known for their delicious chicken shawarma and pies, which are Lebanese pizzas. Youa€™d be surprised at the number of eateries around the city that are hidden from the public eye and mind. Not everyone is a morning person but Ia€™m sure youa€™ll turn into one with the right food. Expert tips, local blogger round-ups and unbeatable deals in your area, all in one weekly email.
Ita€™s a good thing there are a number of Edmonton places that offer reasonably priced eats. The food is freshly made and there are a variety of options for meat lovers and vegetarians.
You get to choose your own soup base, noodles and two toppings, such as sliced beef brisket or Vietnamese-style pork.

They serve your typical noodle soups, rice plates and vermicelli bowls, along with a few special dishes.
Ita€™s sold by two slices for $3 and there are different flavours to choose from, with bul go gi being the most popular. Well, youa€™re in luck because Edmonton surprisingly has a number of places that opens late! Edmonton has an abundance of delicious places that serve breakfast in the morning or even all-day for those afternoon snoozers. I recommend the pescado tacos a€“ theya€™re the best fish tacos Ia€™ve ever tasted in my life! Their Italian Bride sandwich was even featured in Avenue magazinea€™s 25 Best Things to Eat list. If youa€™re not feeling tacos, then you always have the option of quesadillas or a torta, which is a Mexican-style sandwich.

When she isna€™t out eating on a food adventure, she can be found studying or shopping on Whyte Avenue. All that is required is to phone in the model number of the appliance and a accurate description of the parts required. These places serve up delicious dishes too, so you dona€™t have to resort to fast food or bland breakfast items when youa€™re feeling the hunger at night. Orders are shipped via DHL or Purlator and each includes $12 freight handling charge to all standard orders.

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