Originally part of the teletext service that could be accessed through ITV and Channel 4, Teletext Holidays has now moved online and is one of the best websites available for booking holiday packages. The holiday packages will generally include return flights and accommodation at a particular hotel or resort. The checked baggage allowance is not informed by Teletext Holidays; it is at the discretion of each airline. A former commercial director for Virgin Holidays has joined Teletext Holidays as a managing director. Any bags you wish to check in or transfers you want to make will generally not be included in the price of a holiday from Teletext Holidays.
Most airlines will have a restriction on bags over 15kg or 20kg, which will be weighed when you check in at the airport. If your issue is not resolved in this manner, Teletext has a 24 hour helpline for your use.
Teletext began in the early 1970s and was designed by one of the lead designers at Philips.

It is hoped that the director, who has worked for Virgin for 12 years, will help to revitalise the brand. If you wish to clarify what is included in your package, you can call the Teletext Holidays phone number. The only exception is if you have made the booking within two weeks of leaving, in which case they must be picked up from the airport.
You should check with your airline or on your boarding passes to find out the exact restrictions. Teletext Holidays began in 1993 and would provide text based information about vacations that could be accessed through your television. If any of these have not arrived, or if there is a problem with the details on your documents, you should call the Teletext Holidays phone number. In 2009, Ofcom decided that there was no need for teletext in a digital era where all of the information could be accessed better and faster over the internet. Also, you may be forced to pay a small fee depending on how much your baggage exceeds the weight restriction if you go over the amount.

The Teletext Holidays service went digital instead in 2011 and offers all inclusive, cheap and last minute holiday deals.
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