Northern Plumbing and Heating (NPH) is a licensed HVAC contractor that has been installing and servicing HVAC systems for over 30 years. We always stay up-to-date on the new and improved energy-saving and high efficient heating systems.
For new heating installations, upgrades or common repairs, NPH is with you from the beginning. Set up a scheduled maintenance program with NPH so there’s no worry when the cold and hot weather hits.

Let NPH help you stay comfortable and save money during the cold Minnesota winters with a high-efficient heating system. When you are looking to update your systems, we take the time to explain the options that will suit your business or family the best. We also can repair your existing residential or commercial equipment to get you up and running properly. We also provide a filter replacement program where we check and replace your filters as needed.

John's UniversityThe park-like Queens campus is readily accessible by car, bus, subway, or air.

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