Econet recently started an ad campaign for a service that will allow subscribers to obtain vanity telephone numbers under a new cell phone number prefix 078. They have divided the numbers into three packages: Unique Platinum, Unique Gold and Unique Silver. For some organisations,businesses and individuals having a telephone number that is easy to remember is not only essential but sometimes part of their Critical Success Factors so the Econet initiative to give people the opportunity to choose their own numbers is to be applauded. As an aside however we hope Econet uses an online auction platform that will allow for wider participation in the Unique Platinum package auction.
So the one promotion Econet could think of in this blue moon is one that makes them even more money…Sure good for business but consumer perception shall continue to degrade as Econet is enjoying building this image of a self absorbed monopolistic player in the telecoms industry. This was quite big in th UK quite a few years ago, you would find the platinum and gold numbers appearing on ebay for thousands of pounds. I am tempted to sell my Telecel line its got the six zeros sequence, and I got it over the counter!
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Except where otherwise noted, content on and from this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. The big day has arrived; your magicJack has arrived in the mail or as part of your last shopping spree at the local electronics store.
Connect the dongle to the Internet with an Ethernet cord, connect it to a 110v wall outlet using the power adapter, and connect it to a phone.
MagicJack will then ask you whether you purchased the dongle from their web page (either using a web form or by calling the 800 number), or if you purchased the unit from an online or brick and mortar retailer.
MagicJack permanently ties the email address you used to purchase the unit to the serial number of the unit (sent in the background by the unit during registration).
Alternately, if you already have an account with magicJack, you can login to your existing account to add your new device to that account. After either creating a new account or adding the device to an existing account, click submit to continue the registration process.
Continuing with the registration process, magicJack next asks you to give a unique name to your unit – to facilitate referring to the specific unit (particularly if you have more than one unit registered). If you’re hung up, see if you can raise someone on the magicJack Tech Chat support line. Unfortunately, the voice mail system for magicJack has been set for EST – and cannot be changed by those of us who are mere mortals. Last summer, I was walking along Queen Street in Parkdale with the Globe and Mail’s David LeBlanc, the Architourist columnist. Personally, I only know of one other storefront sign, somewhere on Roncesvalles, that still contains an alpha-prefix phone number. And who can forget KL5-4796, the phone number for the Plow King (as sung by Linda Ronstadt). The shortest possible code on a rotary phone (in terms of clicks) was 212, which went to New York. I wait for the queen car quite often there and have wondered what was up with the phone number but never really looked into it. Growing up in the west end, the four exchanges Murray, Roger, Junction and Lyndhurst were combined into Roger – .
Sadly, letter combination were running out and it was necessary to go to all number calling in the early sixties. The Sea-Hi Chinese Restaurant on Bathurst south of Wilson still has a sign (a great neon one at that) with RU9-1258.

For a long time there was a sheet metal place of some kind on the south side of Danforth Ave. Growing up in Burlington, at that time all of the phone numbers started with 63 for NElson (as in Nelson township, the old name for Burlington).
Too young too remember the KL’s and etc, but the city of Windsor was mapped out in my head by telephone exchange. A couple of Danforth pubs, The Hargrave Exchange and the Grover Exchange take their names from the old telephone exchange names.
The Queen Automatic Laundries sign just came down, after being there for as long as I can remember. Businesses could have several lines, and when the first line was busy, the incoming calls would cascade over to the next line.
For example three digit sequences such as 0782 222 444, two digit repeat sequences such as 0782 77 22 44 or counting sequences such as 0782 345 678. Perhaps it will be the catalyst that the Zimbabwean market needs to draw attention the viability of online markets. A quick search on ebay shows it still a thriving business it seems, here is one ad with 23 people watching it. The best way to do this is to think of your favourite word, like your own name, and convert that word into your phone number.
You can add additional email addresses to the account, but the initial address you use cannot be removed from the account.
This is a web page where you can control your voice mail, call forwarding, and other account features, as well as adding years to your subscription over time.
You may be skittish about giving your street address or phone number to magicJack, but to my knowledge they have never made use of any of this information – other than to provide 911 service to the location where the magicJack is installed.
You can change the device name from your account page once you’ve completed the registration process and logged into your account. For that reason, let me encourage you to take a quick look the terms in general (they’re really not too tough to read), and at section 6 in particular (excessive usage).
Normally if you cannot port your number, you’d get a new number from magicJack as part of your activation and registration process. When you get to the tech chat page, just click on the search button (no need to put anything in the search field), then click on the red “I’m Online!” banner.
Is there ANY way to change the time zone MJ thinks it is in?  Very, very, very tired of voice mails being tagged with EST. He pointed to the store sign of Queen Automatic Laundries: it had one of those old phone numbers still on display (above photo). Do Spacing readers know of any other store signs that contain “historic” phone numbers? Kudos to businesses that move in but at least reference the heritage of the spaces they’re in. KLondike5 is the long-established fictional exchange the telephone companies insist the media use in song, cinema and story so real people aren’t inconvenienced.
Econet will be selling at a premium all the easy to remember numbers under the new prefix in a promotion they have dubbed “Know me.
These numbers have no fixed price; they will be sold at an auction on a yet to be announced date. This might be a birthday so for instance a person born on 20 May 92 might choose the cellphone number 0782 20 05 92 which corresponds to their birthday in the form DDMMYY. Use our Smatt N#mber generator above to discover what phone number your name will be, who knows, you might just have your cool name for your contact number, your Smatt N#mber!

You can take it on vacation and make free phone calls from your hotel to most locations in the US and Canada, and anyone in the world can call you at your home number – despite the fact you are not home.
Keep this in mind if you need to plan a wedding or if you’re considering usage of magicJack for your business.
MagicJack has numbers available for many cities, but you may find you have to pick one a little further from home than you’d like. That email will have an activation code in it which you should put in the next screen, as indicated to the right. MagicJack sends one more screen to confirm your activation is completed and to give you your new phone number. As you see in the photo below, the laundry mat is closed, the windows covered by newspapers.
Sometime in the ’40s, the minister there got sick of having to drive home to Enterprise (a fair distance) to use the telephone. When I moved to Toronto, digital had made that (as mentioned above) not so much of a thing anymore (plus cell phones) and I remember noticing that the phone numbers in Toronto had no geographic connections (though I did begin to notice older numbers in the Annex and etc that still hung around). These numbers are likely to appeal to big corporations which might use them as call centre numbers for their marketing, sales and customer department numbers.
This package would be useful to those smaller companies who are likely to be outbid at Platinum auction.
This might also allow companies and individuals to match numbers across networks for example if your number was 0733 473 953 you might want to buy 0782 473 953.
With luck, the site will recognize your magicJackGO, and walk you through the remainder of the registration process. Keep in mind the need to update your 911 address if you travel and expect to make use of the 911 service in that area.
The phone number will show at the top of the magicJack screen, so you don’t need to worry about losing it. As Parkdale’s commercial strips change over time, this storefront and sign will be most likely be replaced (though, this strip of Queen Street has numerous store vacancies).
So, he had a simple switch built in the church, ran some poles and line out to the nearest Bell connection, and had a phone installed in the church. Or perhaps more accurately, numbers could no longer be trusted to be geographically rooted.
MagicJack is also compatible with Windows 8, but getting an original magicJack (silver in color) installed with Windows 8 is a challenge. You should be able to hear a dial tone when you pick up  the phone right now with either magicJack or magicJack Plus. This odd little arrangement apparently continued until 1970 (!) when the Methodist Episcopal Corporation was bought by Bell. I would encourage you to test the system now – even if you intend to use a magicJack Plus connected directly to your router or modem. MagicJack will send you an email confirming your registration, and that email will have an order number on it.

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