Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I have a website form that requires a US phone number input for follow up purposes, and this is very necessary in this case. However I am considering checking the number against a set of rules to just try to narrow down the junk phone numbers received. Would this result in any situations that you can think of that would not allow a user to enter their phone number?
If your purpose is to guard against mis-entered phone numbers, then you can probably catch well over 90% of them with just a very simple check. If your purpose is to try to force users to provide a valid number whether they want to give that information out or not, then you've taken on a hopeless task - even if you were able to access 100% accurate, up-to-the-second telco databases to verify that the exact number entered is currently live, you still don't gain any assurance that the number they gave you is their own. Either way, a simple test is going to get you good results and going into more complex rule sets will take up increasingly more time while providing increasingly little benefit to you (while also potentially adding false positives, as already shown with the "seven of the same digit" and 867-5309 cases).
If you can verify the area code then unless you really, really need to know their phone number you're probably doing as much as is reasonable. And this would explain the joke for our non-US readers and those who cannot remember the 1980's. In Django there is a nice little contrib package called localflavor wich has a lot of country specific validation code, for example postal codes or phone numbers.

Also, 123-1234 or 123-4567 are only invalid numbers because the prefix begins with a 1, but 234-5678 or 234-1234 would actually be valid (though it looks fake).
You also need to take into account ten-digit dialing, which is used in some areas now: this is different from long-distance dialing (ie, 303-555-1234, as opposed to 1-303-555-1234).
Those parameters look pretty good to me, I might also avoid numbers starting with 911 just to be safe. I don't nkow if this is the right place, it's a formatting function rather than a validation function, I thought let's share it with the community, maybe one day it will be helpful..
Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it?
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If you need international number validation as well, it'd be more than a bit more complicated. Depending on your language you can call a function that will return true if a supplied phone number matches the expression. But, according to this validation, when I am finished writing 9 digits, it shows the number as valid number and removes the red squiggly line and then when I write the 10th digit, it formats in the above pattern. Other question of which this is marked as duplicate does not have as neat answer as this question has.
Version 2.4 includes a number of new features to help you navigate through the world that is Twitter. I have seen some options of third parties that validate phone numbers for you, however idk if that is the best option for this situation.
Other features include Trends, Top Tweets, and People categories moving to the app’s browse section. Most significantly, the new version includes new offline favorite and read later support.
However if you have every used one of these third parties and can make a recommendation that would also be greatly appreciated here.

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