Special reserves by the river offer the best chance to see native birds including red-capped parrots, western rosellas, scarlet robins, as well as splendid and red-winged fairy wrens.
King River stretches over 27 kilometres and is joined by the large tributary of Mill Brook. Albany is about a four and a half hour drive south of Perth or you can fly there in just over an hour.
Discovery Bay near Albany is a truly unique attraction, home to Australia's last operating whaling station, a stunning Botanic Garden of Australian plants and a display offering visitors a close up experience with friendly Australian Wildlife. You can choose to explore Australia's whaling history, or the gardens and wildlife, or the entire site to make a real day of it! Situated at the tip of the Flinders Peninsula, the heritage-listed "Whale World" site has undergone dramatic change since 2004 to maximise its location and become a showcase for the region's amazing natural biodiversity while still remaining true to the original whaling history display.
Whaling Station guided tours are included with admission, while informative displays are provided to enjoy the gardens and wildlife at your own pace.

While the inside of the building is not open to the public, the outside offers a great view of an intriguing structure worthy of stopping past. Discover more about the appealing town of Albany by participating in the Town Walk Heritage Trail, which commences on Stirling Terrace near the Old Post Office. Visit the old Albany Courthouse, the Royal George Hotel and the Argyle Buildings which are all well over 100 years old.
Albany is a four and a half hour drive south of Perth and is the gateway to the southern region. Visit the Replica of the Brig Amity for a fascinating insight into the journey the early settlers took from Sydney to establish their new home in Albany. Step aboard the full scale ship and try to imagine just how small the ship would be with more than 50 other people onboard for six weeks. Situated four and a half hours drive south of Perth; Albany is home for the replica of the Brig Amity.

The river flows past picturesque scenery including rocky outcrops, high sandy banks and farmland fringed by paperbark trees.
The restored 1869 building has a twenty five metre clock tower that is visible from the Princess Royal Harbour.
A perfect photo opportunity waits at this historic replica ship, with the scenic Princess Royal Harbour as a backdrop.
Be sure to photograph the oldest post office in Western Australia and enjoy checking out the heritage character of this unique building. While on the boat be sure to keep an eye out for the humpback whales that are often spotted in the surrounding harbour on their migration to warmer waters.

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