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First, a Facebook friend pointed out that Idiot’s Guides, an imprint of Penguin Random House, is looking for authors and editors for books and articles. I need to point out that this person didn’t think it was appropriate to include his phone number in the field conveniently provided for it.
Unfortunately, we’re not available at Lake Powell today or the 27th or any other time this week. This entry was posted in Flying, The Writing Life and tagged aerial, free, helicopters, money, photography by Maria Langer. Judging from your response, I get the idea that you’ve gotten a lot of emails like this, too. Another way to look at it (and yes, I receive these requests about every 4 – 6 weeks) is from an advertising dollars point-of-view. Unless the guy’s name is universally known, him mentioning me in a blog has zero advertising value. The better snarky response would to offer to allow him to come to Washington tomorrow and do some large photography jobs (requiring specialized cameras and lenses he’ll need to buy for the occasion) in exchange for a mention on your blog.
Why not write back saying that by amazing coincidence you are dropping people off at Lake Powell tomorrow but the helicopter is full on the way out, but if he and his gal can get to Alstrom Point by 06.00 you will land there and gladly fly them back to Page via the usual scenic highlights.
When he phones at 06.45 to ask why you are running late say that the red M was too small and you must have missed them. We’ve been over Lake Powell but never even heard of Alstrom Point until you mentioned it.

I enjoyed the second letter, but in all seriousness, you’re going to get nowhere with that person. Support this Site!Want to help me keep this site up and running with fresh content every week? Just (1) stay civil if you want your comment to actually appear and (2) don’t expect to change my mind. So if I decided that I wanted to take him flying the next day at a location 736 NM from my base of operations, the only way I had to contact him was by email or to go to his website and attempt to find a phone number. The same contact page he used to send me an email clearly displays my mailing address in Washington state.
I could not identify his Twitter account and he did not appear on the first page of search results for Google.
Lake Powell is 739 nautical miles from our base, so the possibility of us flying there today to take advantage of your generous collaboration offer is pretty much nil.
I have a photography job here near our Washington base that needs to be done this weekend and I think we might be able to collaborate on that.
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Some sets come with advanced options with custom caller ID settings in which you can hide call ID for specific numbers during specific calls etc. The entire site provides information about the tours and other services I offer in the Wenatchee area of Washington. But then I thought about how well it would work as an example for this discussion in my blog.
Some of the photos in my collection were given to me by photographers who also paid me for their flights. And a Google search for your name didn’t bring up any landscape photographer on the first page of results. I’ll need about a dozen 20 megapixel photos of the Rock Island Dam shot with a 10mm fisheye lens from a boat near where the water is released from the dam. For all I know, he sent the same email to any helicopter operator he thought might do the job — and likely does the same thing all the time.

You need a 4WD high clearance vehicle and, even then, its at least 90 minutes from Page on rough roads. Or sometimes you just want to have some fun with your friends by some pranks thus needing to hide your caller ID. The users of android phones are also provided with the option of “Switching off the Caller ID”. So I’m not quite sure why he thought it was remotely possible for me to fly him the next day at a place 700 miles away. But apparently I need to do it once in a while to (1) remind people and (2) get my anger off my chest.
I would sell your photos to my client and mention your name to him; maybe he’ll hire you in the future!
Although it looks discourteous to be an anonymous person while calling somebody yet at some occasions it becomes need of the time and one forcefully needs to practice this. This not only prevents the caller from being identified but also brings many conveniences for the user. Remember, this is a useful tool to keep your ID hidden but this must not be misused or abused in any sense.See also- How to fix MMI code error on Android tabletSome of the companies providing cellular call and data services provide the features of hiding your Caller ID with your call setting by sending a request through a USSD code of the corresponding cellular service.
However, they are providing it as an additional service and as a general observation hiding caller’s ID by using USSD code is not found so effective. Instead activating the “Hide your Caller ID” from the mobile phone is more handy and effective. Secondly, with USSD code option, one needs to rehearse the same exercise for every call, as Caller ID is hidden for that particular call which is preceded by the USSD Code and for next call you have to dial the code again. Whereas, the cell phone setting option hides your ID till the time you don’t change the settings again. There are a number of easy ways to hide Caller ID in Windows, Blackberry and Android Phones; however, here we will narrate the simplest procedure of hiding caller ID in the Android phone sets.

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