Apple will unveil iOS 8, the next major update for its hugely popular mobile operating system, on June 2nd during its big WWDC 2014 keynote.
Third-party iOS developers have focused on fitness for years now, and there are a wide range of apps in the App Store that will help you lose weight, eat better, sleep better, focus more, run smarter, work out more efficiently and improve your health in a number of other ways. Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor — Runtastic is obviously best known for its running apps, but it also dabbles elsewhere.
Sports Tracker — This comprehensive free fitness app will track your workouts, analyze your progress, monitor your heart rate and plenty more. Breeze — This beautiful free step tracker logs your activity each day, just like a dozen other apps.
Nike Training Club — Do you want free workouts led by famous world-class, Nike-sponsored athletes like Maria Sharapova?

While the new platform’s unveiling is still more than a month away, we have already seen details begin to trickle out from a few very reliable sources. MyFitnessPal is a free app that helps users watch what they eat and see how each and every meal or snack affects them. This Nike app includes a wide range of 15, 30 and 45-minute workouts along with audio guidance to keep you motivated.
The app includes more than 200 poses and it gives you audio and visual instructions to walk you through each one. In fact, we have even seen some screenshots of iOS 8 leak that were confirmed to be authentic.
Lift helps you set fitness and health goals, meet those goals, and record your progress along the way.

Weight Watchers Mobile is completely free but you’ll obviously need to be a member to make use of it. While Apple undoubtedly has plenty in store for us with its new smartphone and tablet software, one theme keeps popping up: iOS 8 will focus on fitness.

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