Subscribe to my free newsletter and get the free "5 Great Tools to Rescue Your Finances" guide! Tweet Share Pin +1 Share EmailI am getting close to the end of my Verizon Wireless cell phone contract, and I am debating between staying or leaving for prepaid.
Since being with Verizon, I have not had any issues with cell service, but their data coverage has a lot left to be desired. I have been looking into switching to a prepaid service for about 3 months and the options are numerous.
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Please Click!TweetClick on the maps below to find the coverage area of the cell phone service you’re interested in. I recently switched over to a prepaid plan, but when I started researching plans on the internet, I quickly realized that most of the review sites were total spam.

I am a below-average text message user, so I am don’t have to worry about reaching the limits.
The two services that I have pinned down as possible options are Virgin Mobile and T-mobile. The decision between sticking with Verizon or going prepaid is not the biggest decision, but I don’t want to regret it. Unfortunately, recently I have noticed that Verizon has been acting like the 800 pound gorilla, with their prices slowly increasing and their service slowly declining. The billing system Verizon uses is intuitive and easy, plus I can make changes to my account when I wish. If I can save up to $60 per month, but while keeping call quality, then prepaid will be my obvious choice. After receiving my last bill, I have finally had enough and want to look into different alternatives.

I can’t justify paying $30 per month for data, when I can only use it for half of the time. I will need to transfer my current number to the prepaid service and from what I can tell, both services will fit the bill.
The main players in the industry are T-mobile, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Walmart Family Mobile, and Straight Talk (here are many more you can check out). These services just purchase wireless spectrum from the big three of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Both AT&T and Verizon have prepaid plans as well, but they are just as expensive or more than their post-paid plans.

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