All good cell phone cases should cushion your phone from falls and bumps, and protect it from scratches. You can go with durable canvas or leather cases that completely cover your phone and screen.
Men look for a sturdy-strong case to protect their cells from hits, crashes, falls and all kind of unpredictable situations from sporting activities! Cell phone cases with belt clips can sit on your hip, which may actually shield it from more damage than being stashed away.

Cell phone cases made from rubberized plastic and silicone are also great because they form-fit to your phone. Men may obsess over this feature to the extent of buying a cell phone that have not only ALL the bells and whistles but the coolest and easiest ways to access specific features!
Instead, look for cell phone cases that leave your screen open, and just add a screen protector that is compatible with touch screens. A proof of this is when iPhone updated its software and made the Camera accessible from the home screen. Good cell phone cases will cover your phone without restricting your access to commonly used features, like your screen, buttons, microphone and speaker.

If you use those ports often, you may want to look at cell phone cases with openings for them.

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