Now, whenever you Google anything, you know that one of the tabs is for Images, which is helpful enough. But it pretty much boils down to going to the Google Images page and clicking on the camera icon in the search box.
It will expand to give you options to search by URL for images you found online or to upload one from your computer. There are also add-ons for Firefox and Chrome that provide an option to simply right-click on an online image to do the search.
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Data collected through forms on this website is used only for the purposes stated up front, e.g. But like many applications you use every day, sometimes they have features you may not know about.
I normally see it referred to as a tool for finding out who was the originator of a photograph or infographic so that person can be properly credited and linked to (for example, when sharing on Facebook). And there’s a free Android app for it in the Google Play store (not developed by Google).
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In that case, you can use the Windows Snipping Tool to take a screenshot of it, save it to your computer, and then upload it to do the search.

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