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Using Reverse Geocoding to Find an Address I had a request from a colleague of mine to help him with a geocoding problem. As you can see I use a WebClient object to make a request to Google geocoding API with a given latitude and longitude parameters.
I use LINQ to XML in order to check the response status and if it’s OK I retrieve the formatted address value. The post showed how to use a geocode API in order to make an address lookup according to a given location.

You can use LINQ to XML and get the postal code element (address_component with type of postal_code). The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in anyway.
The colleague needed to find an address by a given latitude and longitude which were supplied by a smartphone consumer.
The reverse of it is address lookup which occurs when you have the map location and you want to get an address out of it. Pay attention that I make an asynchronous request since I need to relay on a third party server (which is Google geocoding API in my example).
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The example in this post will show you how you can use Google geocoding API in order to achieve that using C#.
In today’s mobile development it is very common to use the smartphone built-in GPS’ in order to make geocoding and reverse geocoding. When you want to make a geocoding request you can use Google’s geocode service in order to make location queries. For further reading about making geocode requests go to Google Geocoding API documentation.

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