Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Can’t be bothered to type something you want to search for? Snaplay is a reverse image search app that lets you snap a photo of a piece of media to retrieve associated music and videos which can then be viewed within the app. The basic idea is to snap a photo of a slice of media that takes your fancy — whether that’s a film poster, an advert or an album cover — and have the app retrieve related media content. On the music side, Snaplay can integrate with Spotify if you have it on your phone, or grab and play songs you have stored locally on your device. The reverse image search algorithm is by no means perfect — on one occasion when I tried it it retrieved a YouTube video of Selena Gomez when I snapped a photo of Psy, for instance — but Randall-Cutler says the algorithm they use to filter results is something they are “constantly playing with”.

While there are other more general reverse image search apps around, Randall-Cutler says Snaplay differentiates itself by focusing specifically on locating “dynamic content like Music and Video”. “All the rest offer a wide range of results, requiring heavier sifting and a much larger range of options,” he adds.
Snaplay is the first reverse image search media player app for iPhone - it instantly links posters, advertisements or photos to related online music and video using reverse image search and a proprietary filtering algorithm. For videos it integrates with YouTube. Co-founder Joe Randall-Cutler says they’re also looking at adding additional ‘plugins’ for the future, including audiobooks on audible, or kindle books. They also plan to get users to help with honing results by hosting their own image database and allowing users to input a title for an image that brings up no result. The app has been in beta testing since May, with some 1,800 users, and has just exited beta for a full public launch.

The developers plans to add a b2b revenue stream in future — by allowing publishers to buy the top hit for their published imagery.

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