3) Last option is to copy and paste an images URL from the web into the Google Image Search box as shown above.  Simply right click on an image and select the copy image location and paste that in the search box. Now you will see a list of the cheapest flight from any airport in this case from Denmark to any airport in the world for the whole year. I will recommend when you found the right destination, that you go directly to the flight companies own website to book your flight ticket.

If you have some good advice or experience please share then with us trough the comment module in the bottom of this article. A search engine called SkyScanner have some very nice tools to help you, finding cheap tickets. My travel activity kick-started seriously back in 2010 where I took a trip around the world.

Unlike other Travel Search Engines like Momondo, SkyScanner can list the cheapest flight for the whole year, month and week and search for a specific country or the whole world (all airports).

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