There are many apps out there that claim they can do a reverse cell phone lookup, also known as a reverse lookup. Reverse phone lookup - find people by phone number and lookup their name and street address. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
If you are looking for a simple method to find a name by phone number then you can try Google phone number search. On the other hand, if you want detailed and precise information about the number, browse the internet for some of the few options given below.
A free service you can use online when you want to find names from phone numbers is the white pages.
Use the free directory assistance to find a business, people, and conduct a reverse phone lookup, address lookup as well as area and zip code.

Well Google has since discontinued its phone book search options, but there are few features you can use to find a person from using phone number free.  All you need is do is  type in the number in full followed by the zip code then search.
You can lookup different articles on how to find people free by telephone number and cell phone number for free. Some of these services include finding names by phone numbers either from paid services or free services. The internet has been improved with many search tools, some of these services are free and some charge a fee.
With a few online phone directories such as reverse phone lookup you will be able to find the person you want. There you can view criminal records, search for people, conduct background checks and trace phone numbers. This will lead you to another tab where you will be able to find names from phone numbers by entering the number on the required search box.

This will then bring up a new form where you will enter the area code and phone number then click find to proceed with your search. To find information on a number simply type in the number (unlisted, cell, fixed number) on the search field then hit the search button. If however you want additional or personal information you can try the reverse lookup option. Like all the sites given here type the phone number or mobile number, then click phone lookup to continue with your search. Results will indicate the name, address, zip code of the one who owns the number and if possible additional information which you can get at a fee.

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