Toll Free phone numbers are a free way to reach the company or person you need without using part of your data plan or using up your allocated minutes on your cell phone.
On the right hand side you can enter the phone number of a phone number that has already called you, or that you want to lookup. In order to display the toll free number associated with the business, you first need to click on the check box on the left hand side next to the company name. You can also search for the toll free numbers of online businesses as well that do not have a physical location.

At this point in time, it is only possible to search forĀ 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 numbers from theĀ database. Never Miss A Method!Sign up for our email newsletter to receive the latest updates directly to your inbox! If you’re looking specifically for a reverse phone number lookup for a company that called you that is a toll free company, you can use this methods to determine who called you.
Their website not only lets you reverse lookup a toll-free number, but you can also search for a toll free company near your area code, and it will present you with the various options.

They have numbers that are connected with AT&T, it is not restricted to just their network.

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