But the catch is that it's broken as I bought it from someone off Craiglsist myself I failed to recognize the very slightly misaligned pin in the socket. I've already contacted asus about an RMA for this motherboard and this is considered as physical damage and is not covered in their warranty and therefore you would be charged a bent pin replacement fee; so it would cost $90 (well that's what someone told me on ncix forums) to fix. Selling it cause i don't want to deal with RMA and I just want to recuperate most of the money i paid for this motherboard (i paid $175 for it). Reason: Had to bump the price up as I don't have a steady job and really don't want to loose money off of this. It's bent, and sorry apollo i would love to take a picture but my camera just cant pick up the pin in the picture, all i get is blur but will try to borrow my mom's camera as its like 8mp vrs the one i used that is only 5mp.

Here you go Apollo or anyone else interested who would like to know to what extent the pin is bent. Even knowing that that would only bring up the total cost of the board to $240 and that's at least a $105 off retail price depending where you would buy it from (and that's without tax). Sucks how I paid with my birthday money for it but also i've saved up enough money to buy that combo deal at Ncix so i just need roughly $200 and i can get and that's why i'm selling the motherboard. To tell if it's re-aligned, just make sure it's in line with the other row or column of pins, i.e. I actually phoned him up on Saturday and told him that he didn't give me the q-fan and 3 sata cables (which he didn't) and cause he came by my place the first time to drop of the mobo, i asked for his adress so i could just be like i want my money back but even when then he was trying to doge where he lives and I only asked for a q-fan and 3 other sata cables that were suppose to be included anyway.

And worst of all he said he was unavaillble and he would phone me at 4pm (it was 2pm when i phoned him up) and he never called, i phoned him on both my cell and home phone over 3 days countless amount of times and no answer.

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