In case you missed it, this morning Deutsche Telekom completed an arrangement that will see the merger of their US branch of T-Mobile with MetroPCS. The real gains come in spectrum, which includes AWS and LTE, as can be seen in the maps detailing each network before (below) and after (above) the merger. Samsung is showing off its flexible display technology by rolling out a 5.7-inch OLED panel into a small cylinder.
If you want a top quality all-in-one way to digest your vast collection of music, videos, photos and podcasts, though, you’ll have a hard time finding anything better than Kodi. Some code found hidden inside of a new Google Photos update is showing references to an exclusive perk for Nexus device owners: unlimited original quality photo backups.
The new “Display size” options in Android N are great, but did you know there was a hidden setting that can shrink things down even smaller?

While the financial and business details have been covered, here’s a look at how the merger will expand coverage area and wireless spectrum holdings for the new venture.
The strength of MetroCPS coverage in the Northeast could be used to balance T-Mobile’s weaknesses in the same region. Before anyone could even get their hands on the phone, Samsung is unveiling the phone in an official unboxing video.
If someone unsuccessfully tries to unlock your phone, Third Eye snaps a photo with the front-facing camera. The newest version includes performance and UI tweaks in addition to a handful of new features.
Depending on your preference, you can even activate a tablet UI on your smartphone — no root required.

As you can see from the above map showing combined coverage area, the two networks overlap in the majority of shared markets. Regardless, the two networks operate on different standards, with the CDMA network of MetroPCS eventually shutting down with spectrum repurposed for T-Mobile’s GSM operations. When you return to your phone and unlock it, Third Eye delivers a notification with the photo.
Well, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, 6 might hate 7 because it might be completely forgotten about as Samsung potentially leaps to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for this year’s launch.

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