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This is the opposite of regular lookup, where you know a person’s name and want to find out their number. For example, you might have had a call from someone you don’t know and want to find out who it was before calling back.
Their site includes a reverse lookup service alongside reverse address lookup, as well as the option to perform a regular search by name. You can find out the name of a number’s owner, their location, and the phone carrier. In spite of it not being their main focus, this still makes them an excellent destination for searching for numbers.┬áThere is also the option to find out information associated with a zip code. Instead, it scrapes search engine results to see if it can find any information about a number. People can register complaints against numbers they know to be associated with nuisance callers. Josh Trenser is a complete Tech Geek, likes to watch movies and writes a lot about online and offline security measures.
I really hate it when someone calls and hangs up, or even when someone calls and doesn’t leave any information.
I am always getting strange text messages or even calls to my home phone from unknown cell phone numbers. I love the fact that you can search most numbers for free, but really don’t like that on some cell numbers or home numbers you have to pay for it.

The person who previously owned my newest cell phone number must’ve skipped out on some bills because she had a bunch of bill collectors calling. To make a long story short, the calls suddenly stopped, so I’m glad I had the reverse phone lookup service on my side.
It was an elderly lady who was looking for her cousin because a family member had just died. I understand the importance of these types of sites, but I’m not sure that I like having my information floating all around the internet. Maybe I’m just being too paranoid, but my best friend had his identity stolen several years ago and his life has been turned upside down ever since. For those of you who use White Pages, they have an app for iOS devices that’s absolutely awesome. I think Google offers a pretty comparable and free service, for those of us who use Google Voice I don’t really get a lot of collection calls, and the company that does call looking for whoever used to have my number keeps changing their call back number, but I know that Google allows you to set different criteria for forwarding calls from different numbers.
Unlike some of the other services here, they have a free reverse number lookup for the first 20 numbers each month.
However I am sure that for American people your list is very useful, especially people like me, bothered by prank calls and immature people.
Yknow, what I’m most curious about is how do these sites and apps get all of their info?
I have used some of these in my days, it’s weird to think that people still use phonebooks when a phone number is seconds away on the internet.
This basic widget fetches information from teltarif.de to show the currently cheapest German call-by-call Telephone providers for different calling destinations.
Use reverse phone directory lookup and free people search to find owners names and addresses.
As a result, it offers no added services such as reverse address searches or regular lookup.
On top of that, it will also look for complaints associated with that phone, to help you decide whether it is trustworthy. Number is a site which specialises in identifying cells associated with scams and spam calls.
You can then search any unknown ones on the site to find information and discover whether any complaints have been registered.
Also sometimes I see a phone number in the classified ads and aren’t sure where they live in case its too far to go. When I am really curious I love the fact that I can look them up on the reverse phone system. But I suppose it has to do with privacy issues and I suppose I wouldn’t want every Jane or dick looking me up for nothing.
I reported them to the state attorney general because I told them I wasn’t the person they were looking for and they still kept calling.
Obviously she had the wrong number, but I’m glad I had this info literally sitting in front of me. I’m a teacher and I always get prank calls, but there’s no service like this in my country!

A lookup will always be useful if you need to find out someone’s identity, or at least make them stop calling!
My best friend had her creepy ex call her with a number she didn’t know was his at odd numbers of the night, so she looked it up and found out it was him and finally managed to block him! Yes, we can find out information about good people for bad reasons, but we can also find out information about bad people for good reasons, like avoiding scams and stuff like that. I usually use these sites when I get a call from someone I don’t know, maybe a telemarketer and I want to discover who this person or people are. Number has been a site I frequent if I get a weird e-mail with a number or some weird number calls me. You can enter the number and see comments from others who have received calls from that number. However, it does have extensive listings and plenty of information when it comes to reverse lookup. It has an extensive directory, including both residential and business listings with names, addresses and phone numbers. I love the fact that you can bring up a webpage and search for that annoying person that has been bugging you and find out who it is. If you go with the premium service you can also do an unlimited number of reverse phone lookups every month.
If people want to do something, or prank call, or anything, then they should prepare for the consequences! The problem is not that there isn’t a decent service for just about anything one wants on the internet, the problem is that there is so much that its impossible to find one that works well. I figure the White Pages are always the better route, but I’ve known that many of these other sites help at times as well. Hopefully sites like this will prompt people to do their research rather than believing some random person on the other end of a phone call. Even if the number isn’t listed in the phone book their are ways to get the information you need. Are you susceptible to be in their databases if you put your phone number anywhere on the internet? I don’t agree with that much anonymity…my parents had yellow pages, and now my generation has this! I always search a phone number on google after I get a call from a telemarketer or some guy trying to get money for some charity. I was able to find an old friend from middle school, I searched his name and his last known location and he showed up. I just have these blocked numbers go directly to voicemail, but you can also set it up to pick up and hangup. I didn’t care for that option because then it just encourages people to keep calling back.

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