Ok, if the size of a baby’s cheeks could win an Olympic medal, then Katie and Billy Demong’s son, Liam, would definitely take Gold!! They are also often like Billy Demong, and his beautiful wife and super duper cute chunky baby boy Liam!! We were sitting in the Angel Garden ready to eat when we received a call that we had to hustle back into the hospital to meet with some doctors and pharmacists.

Just like Horton, and over a month later she tracked us down in the NTU and came to visit Mia! So, I wanted to give Billy and Katie a ‘shout out’, or whatever it is cool people do? Because they took the time to show my daughter some love, and put up with me at the same time.

E, in the back…… totally engrossed in his ipod that he got for his 9th Birthday on the 2nd of Aug!

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