I will always remember the Sharks Club and Rumrunner's with my buddies, my wonderful Homecoming date (Fro), I had an awesome time, love ya Chico!, the night Betsy, Audra, Vicki, Michelle, Cori, and I all ended up on the Ohio Turnpike with Dulaney, my best friend Louise and our crazy time with Buffalo Bill and Legs, Jill, Kristen, Louise, and I met those guys in Falls, oh weren't they hot - not!, Vaughn and the Church parking lot - watch your head!, the great advice Ceatta gave me, thanks, I'll miss ya!, Winter Formal night with Cheryl and our Bedford group, hey Cheryl, have a "chicken" sandwich on me! In ten years Heidi Chapple will still be dating Jim annd also all his girlfriends, too, and Kristy Fazio and I will hopefully have found the right room and walkie talkies, Vaughn Fink and Brian Ballard will still be causing a lot of trouble.

Laura, lit, Kristy and my experience after the Brecksville basketball game, the Aurora nightmare with Betsy, Cindy, Alecia, and Michelle, our annual girl sleepovers at Kulka's, Sates our sophomore year with Betsy, Michelle, me, Pat and Jeff, Louise Juskiewicz and our great times with Joe and John from Solon (don't forget I - lean!), my 7th period SH buddies this year (I had a great time with you guys!), and teaching Cheryl Malaski card games - HELLO Cheryl!

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