Anyway, smart dial on my phone only search phone number in phonebook but not searching contact name.
First of all, before the problem occured, I did root my phone before and uninstalled (using titanium backup) bunch of apps from the system.
Actually I didn't do this intended to fix the smart dial issue, that's why I didn't restore the apps one by one.
So, don't know if the restore part, or only freezing (not uninstalling) apps that fix this.

Reply Forum Android Central Community General Help and How To Smart dial only search phone number, not name « How can I stop words and letters from jumping out of order? Last Post: 10-29-2011, 02:17 AM Droid 2 Visual Voice Mail Only Shows Numbers, Not Names? First of all, I m not sure if this feature (smart dial) is android feature, or htc sense feature.
So I restore all the system apps, and selectively freeze the one I think is safe to disable.

And currently no dedicated forum for my htc desire vc, so I m not sure if I use the correct forum.

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