Virginia state police uniform crime reporting incidentbased procedure guide manual the department of state police criminal justice information services division.
I crime in virginia januarydecember, 2014 virginia uniform crime reporting program department of state police colonel w steven flaherty superintendent.
The virginia state police, independent yet supportive of other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, will provide high quality, statewide law enforcement. Virginia polytechnic institute and state university policy 5617 revision: 2 april 17, 2012 safety and security camera acceptable use policy page 2 of 7.

Information on the bureau of field operations, bureau of criminal investigation, office locations, telephone numbers and hotlines, news releases, wanted criminals. The sex offender and crimes against minors registry program is statutorily provided through chapter 9, of title 91 of the code of virginia the registry, including. The virginia state police, officially the virginia department of state police, is a us state law enforcement agency, conceived in 1919 and established in 1932, that.
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