Therea€™s no doubt that 1 800 phone numbers give small businesses a more established look and a nationwide presence.
The Telecommunications Act of 1996 brought with it significant changes to the telecom industry. For the first time 1 800 phone numbers could be combined with virtual PBX service making them rich with features and affordable for small businesses.
And there are many toll free service providers offering different types of plans and features.

Not only will your small business look more established and professional, an 800 phone number can be a great tool to brand your company. We also offer low rate toll free service plans with customizable features designed to help small businesses stay connected and sound more professional.
If you get a toll free number that spells a word related to your business or industry, it will stick in the minds of your customers and theya€™ll remember to call a€“ and more calls means more sales!
Additionally, 1 800 phone numbers allow you to track incoming calls so you can measure the ROI of your marketing, advertising, and promotions.

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