To create multiple vCards at the same time: Hold the Option key when dragging multiple cards (or a group) out of the Address Book window. TIP: If creating multiple vCards at once create an empty folder to drop them into for easily handling.
You can get technical support, updated versions of the product, discounts for registered customers and latest news from our company. Label design application with most of the Avery labels and cards formats support and powerful mail merge feature.
Easy switch between mac database and label views, instant previeweing make the work with the label maker intuitive and quick.

You can also use Mac Address Book (mac version) data, add images and various graphics to the label, add text to a path, and more. Powerful mac database feature allows creating and saving databases that make it easy to enter names from you keyboard or import them from another program. Cristallight Home Print Labels is a innovative print and mac label design maker, tool which will allow you to make address labels, mailing labels, shipping labels, letterheads, Form Letters, business cards, ID cards, Inventory Tags, postcards, and envelopes and more.
Easy Address Entry - Easily add new names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, urls, notes, etc. I like that we can verbally explain  what we want and she seems to create the visual interpretation perfectly!

Databases can hold up to 32.000 records, and allow you to filter, group, sort, and search for records in a fraction of second. To get the full version of a product you will need the product activation key, which is given on-line on a secure web page right after the purchasing of a product.

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