Attackers can abuse Facebook's phone search feature to find valid phone numbers and the name of their owners, according to security researchers. The attack is possible because Facebook doesn't limit the number of phone number searches that can be performed by a user via the mobile version of its website, Suriya Prakash, an independent security researcher said Friday in a blog post. Since most people don't change the default value of this setting it is possible for an attacker to generate a list of sequential phone numbers within a chosen range -- for example from a specific operator -- and use Facebook's search box to discover who they belong to, Prakash said.
Prakash claims that he shared this attack scenario with Facebook's security team in August and after an initial response on Aug. Prakash said that he decided to publicly disclose the vulnerability a few days after sending his PoC script to Facebook, because the company didn't respond. Following Prakash's public disclosure, Tyler Borland, a security researcher with network security vendor Alert Logic, created an even more efficient script that can run up to ten Facebook phone search processes at the same time.
With Borland's script running on a large botnet -- over 100,000 computers -- an attacker could find the phone numbers and names of most Facebook users with mobile numbers associated with their accounts in a matter of days, Prakash said. It is disturbing that this vulnerability is still open and there are public tools available to exploit it, said Bogdan Botezatu, a senior e-threat analyst at antivirus vendor Bitdefender, via email on Monday.
This is another example of how a great feature can end up abused if safety mechanisms are poorly implemented or are completely missing, Botezatu said. Kerala malayalam call aunties mobile numbers, Kerala malayalam call aunties mobile numbers.
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If fact, a mobile phone number is required to verify any new Facebook account and unlock features like video uploading or timeline URL personalization. Connecting a random phone number to a name is every advertiser's dream and these sort of lists would fetch a large price on the black market, he said.
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