Google is making sweeping changes to its search rankings on mobile devices next week, but the search giant just introduced another pretty big change.
Starting yesterday, Google began replacing the URL in search results with the site’s name and breadcrumb. This move devalues domain names and puts more emphasis on whatever someone wants to call their site. Yeah, I don’t mind breadcrumbs instead of the full URL, but at least show me the second level and top level domain. Oh god, can you imagine trying to find a good, local bank (like when you move to a new state or country)? Next time I will be forced to sue one of those fraudsters that are trying to steal my domains, I know who I have to sue too. Until now they stayed behind the scene, with this transparent move against the law they became TRASPARENT FRAUDSTERS. The domain and the extension used, gives users a trust factor that is often wanted prior to visiting a site.

It’s well noted that most have a bias swaying towards higher quality domain names that match our search. Lack of trust in the search results you are clicking on translates to a lack of trust in Google overall.
After all they have a huge stake in newgtlds, this sets the stage for them to negate the lack of trust people have in unknown extensions. When I get in a car to go somewhere, or pick up the phone to call someone, it’s important to me to not know where I am going or who I am dialing. This is so bad ASIDE FROM any interest any of us has in domains that something has to be done. Not just because of the impact on domains but i like to know I am actually on the right site and not some dupe who named their site the same.
I would say 80% of the time I am on a mobile friendly website it doesnt work right to the point that it prevents me from using it. YOU KNOW YOU ARE FRAUDSTERS IF YOU HELP COMMERCIAL CONFUSION, MISAPPROPRIATION OF NAMES, ECC.

If your not in the top 3 or 4 for paid mobile ads then your not getting traffic to your site. If they really want to bid on those keywords they will waste money because it comes down to users intent.
I agree there is nothing wrong with the idea of a better mobile experience (though frankly I was happy with viewing desktop sites on my iPhone, I thought it worked fine) but we are still quite a ways off from that good mobile experience. I never use any other their products the drop down menu, chrome, android, nest , paid search, gmail for free I will not use i. Good news is there is a browser app (and probably others) called Atomic Web Browser you can get for your phone and you can have it pretend your phone is a desktop so you can still get the properly functioning web.

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