Courseload enables students and instructors to access their course eTextbooks directly within their courses without the need to login with separate credentials. Courseload includes tools for highlighting, annotation, collaboration, search and evaluation that can be used across content from multiple sources to enhance teaching and learning experience. Click the Support link located on this page to contact Courseload for configuration assistance. Provides faculty and students with direct access to their personalized CourseSmart Bookshelf and individual eTextbooks from within the environment they use daily. Faculty benefit from the Faculty Instant Access Program to streamline discovery, evaluation and adoption of course materials with single-sign-on access to the CourseSmart catalog. Click the Support link located on this page to contact CourseSmart for configuration assistance.
Graph builder lets you define graphs based on simple or complex equations and chart them dynamically.
Currently no search functionality is provided through the Khan Academy API so we can't add search, but once that's supported on their side we'll definitely add it.
Internet Math Assessment System lets you create and administer auto-graded math assessments to students. Prulu is a classroom Q&A-style site with inline equations, basic analytics and notifications. Browse or search through multiple content repositories including MIT OCW, Khan Academy, USA Today, etc.
Please note this tool does not utilize Quizleta€™s login capabilities so it will only search content that has been publicly available. Add links to external web resources that show up as navigation items in course, user or account navigation. To configure this app you specify the text and URL you'd like to add to navigation elements in the LMS, then check the areas you'd like it added to. NOTE: If your LMS is loading over https instead of http, then links won't load correctly in all browsers if the link is to an http URL. There are a bunch of activities and additional resources provided as part of TED Ed that we don't have API access to right now, so we can't share. Search through English Wikipedia articles and link to or embed these articles into course material.
Shows the first 16 results for any keyword, and you can click any video to select it or embed it into your course material. ALEKS is an artificial intelligent assessment and learning system which uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know in a course. Visit the ALEKS Training Center for directions on configuring your ALEKS Higher Education school account.
With the Atomic Learning LTI Tool, instructors can search Atomic Learninga€™s online library of technology training videos and learning resources from within their LMSa€”and easily embed links to resources within courses.
Ayamel is a web-based system for streaming video and audio content, including captions and subtitles, especially as it applies to learning a foreign language.
This app allows course members to automatically log into your BadgeStack-enabled Wordpress site from your LMS. This tool requires that you are running your own WordPress instance with the BadgeOS plugin.
Click the Support link located on this page to contact VitalSource for configuration assistance.
Canvabadges let you award badges to students in courses based on their total grade in the course and their completion of course modules. Chalk & Wire provides ePortfolio, Assessment and Data Analysis Tools that can be used to help improve the student learning experience.Contact Chalk & Wire for information on signing up for an account and getting a key and secret. CK-12 provides openly licensed and freely available textbooks and multimedia learning materials aimed primarily at grades K-12. The LTI CloudTime integration lets teachers to create, start, shutdown an see the virtual machines and assign them to the students over the course. The functionality is really basic right now (only supports standard LTI stuff), but I think it could be used in a lot of really cool ways. Makes it easy for instructors to browse the list of available practice resources for SAT and AP exams provided by the College Board.
This lightweight integration lets Dropbox users select and link to files within course content or in conjunction with homework submissions. Dropbox is a file hosting service offering cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. AspirEDU provides a software solution called Dropout Detectivea„? that identifies students that are most at risk of dropping out of or failing online and hybrid courses. The EchoCenter is a content portal used by Echo360 faculty and students to access their rich media recordings and for faculty to view usage statistics for the captured lectures. EvaluationKIT is a fully-hosted course evaluation and survey system designed to streamline course evaluation setup and drive student participation in surveys. Our cost-efficient test-taking solutions enable students, professors and test providers to preserve exam integrity. ExamSoft offers clients a secure computer-based testing and assessment analytics suite that provides actionable outcomes data and insights.
Feed The Me lets teachers aggregate a number of news feeds (Atom or RSS), filtered by tags, within the course environment. Teachers can allow Students to add their own news feeds to the course feeds list, and can even submit a feed to fulfill an assignment requirement.
The resulting feed list includes post titles (hyperlinked to the original blog), author, date posted, and a post summary.
In order to use this tool, you must generate a key and shared secret after authenticating via Twitter through the FeedTheMe LTI web page. Flat World Knowledge offers free, open-licensed textbooks that can be used in class material. This flickr search tool lets users to add free, public photos from flickr into Canvas via editor button integration. Students can launch Harvard Business Publishing materials from an LMS with no need to log in to the HBP web site.
This site helps professor authors to create inexpensive interactive online textbooks with optional integrated assessment system.
Using your existing learning outcomes and course content, Knowillage LeaPa„? quickly creates personalized adaptive learning paths, offers recommendations, provides remediation and much more, all in a way thata€™s intuitive and very easy-to-use by teachers and students alike.
You'll need to Register for a Knowillage account in order to receive a key and secret for this app.
Provides a series of lessons to help people learn and implement their own LTI-compliant integration. Learning Catalytics is a cloud-based solution for engaging students with authentic formative assessments in real time both inside and outside of the classroom, and rich data analytics that are used to drive student interactions. Setting up Learning Catalytics is different depending on your account and contract, so please be sure to follow these instructions for setting up Learning Catalytics in your LMS. Mathalicious develops high-quality, standards-based math videos and lessons aligned to Common Core standards.
MIT OpenCourseWare is a collection of materials from MIT-taught courses that have been released with a Creative Commons license.
Once installed, instructors will have the option to add the My Lab and Mastering Tools into their course navigation in order to enable the integration at the course level.

NBC Learn is the educational arm of NBC News dedicated to providing resources for students, teachers, and lifelong learners. The Nook Study Basic LTI tool makes it easy for teachers to search for and then link to Nook Study reading materials or textbooks. The Open Badges app displays a user's public badges from Mozilla Backpack ( within the LMS.
Open Tapestry helps instructors discover, modify, and share open educational resources from across the web.
The Panopto tool streamlines lecture capture by seamlessly authenticating users into Panopto. Pixton is an award-winning tool that gives students a fun, new way to express themselves in the colorful graphical format of comics.
Design and control fully posable, expressive characters, speech bubbles, backgrounds, photos, and even voice-over. Perfect for summarizing a reading, applying vocabulary, re-enacting events, creating a narrative or graphic novel, demonstrating comprehension, explaining a concept, and developing critical thinking skills.
Programr offers coding challenge projects for programming languages including Java, C# and C++. Questionmark OnDemand provides you with Questionmark's comprehensive assessment authoring, scheduling, delivery and reporting capabilities. QuestionPress offers live web-based classroom response, assessments, surveys, and polling to any web device. Provides seamless course-level access for students and faculty to Rosetta Stone from their daily online learning environment. Click the Support link located on this page to contact Rosetta Stone for configuration assistance.
Sage is an online open source mathematics software system, an alternative to Mathematica or Matlab. SchoolTube is an excellent alternative for schools who may be restricting YouTube through their firewall or simply want to limit their search to content that has been created by schools. Slideshare is a site that enables viewing and interacting with presentations without needing desktop software.
Currently this app doesn't support user logins, so it only allows searching public slideshares.
On-demand student mentoring and tutoring that can be embedded as a course or user resource. Contact your account representative for details on getting a consumer key, secret and Launch URL. Build, modify and link to learning resources created using the SoftChalk Cloud development engine. Spelling City offers a collection of spelling practice resources, including games, drills, and handwriting practice around different sets of words.
Starfish is enterprise student success software which tightly integrates with LMSes and SISes. StudyMate Class helps students "master the basics" of course material through learning activities, self-assessments, and games. StudyRoom is a social learning platform that makes courses a more collaborative and social experience. SWoRD is a cloud-based, peer-to-peer assessment platform that improves writing and critical thinking skills for college and secondary school students. Tandem is a small content management system that allows students to practice their speaking skills by doing synchronous pair tasks (e.g. The LTI Tandem integration lets students choose a partner in their course and starts practicing language (in combination with some audio or videoconferencing tool). Taskstream is an ePortfolio and assessment engine that can be embedded within the learning platform. Lightweight app that lets teachers create blocks of text where students can click any word in the text and retrieve an inline definition of the word. If you're interested in using this heavily you should reach out to the owners of IMathAS beforehand since heavy unexpected load may cause problems. Search list of content collected as part of the Learning Registry, an online initiative to share and reuse learning resources from across the Internet.
Vanilla is an open source community forum tool that can be run for your institution, department or course. Via Response is a cloud student response system that lets students use their own devices for classroom response.
VoiceThread is a collaborative communication tool that allows text, audio, video, voice and annotated communication.
VoiceThread will also create a Group under your VoiceThread license that houses content for the course within your LMS. WebPA is an open source online peer assessment tool that can be used for course activities. This tool lets teachers link to a Wikispaces Private Label wiki within the course environment, providing seamless user account generation and single-sign on to class members. Before adding this tool, you'll need to first set up Basic LTI in your Wikispaces Private Label Site Administration Settings as described on the WikiSpaces Basic LTI Help page. The red numbers that run across the top of the grid and down the far left hand side act as the multipliers and multiplicands in multiplication. Courseload’s faculty dashboard enables new ways to teach and understand how students learn with real-time analytics and note sharing.
Faculty can embed digital learning materials as well as deep link to specific sections or pages. Visit the Tegrity web site for instructions on how to sign up and get a consumer key and shared secret. It has experimental support for passing grades back to the LMS.Visit the web site for instructions on how to sign up and get a consumer key and shared secret. This integration adds a link to the course navigation for Piazza discussions, and auto-logs the user into the course discussions area.Contact Piazza for instructions on getting a consumer key and secret. This integration adds a link to the course navigation for Prulu discussions.Contact Prulu for instructions on getting a consumer key and secret. Questions can be embedded directly into content as flash cards, review, or as a study game.
Also, some sites refuse to be loaded in an iframe and will "take over" the full page when launched, removing the LMS navigation around the material. Robust SCORM engine with built-in grade passback and activity tracking.Sign up for a SCORM Cloud account and upload your SCORM packages to get started. Hopefully in the future that will change, because there's some nice flipped classroom content available on their site.. A new icon will show up in your course rich editor letting you search YouTube and click to embed videos in your course material. With ApprenNet's LTI APP, you can add exercises to your course in which participants 1) submit video responses, 2) review their peers, 3) receive feedback and 4) engage with experts. Faculty, staff, and students will have direct access to the technology training and support content they need in their existing learning system.
The LTI App connects these media aggregations and pedagogical supports on Ayamel to any LTI-conformant LMS. VitalSource Bookshelf® lets you access your eTextbooks online or download for offline viewing.

Even better, subscribe to your friends and teachers, and "follow" them as they make their own notes and highlights.
You can also put a manual approval step on as well that requires your final sign-off before they receive the badge. If you are an institution or organization that would like a more official-looking site (i.e.
MindLinks can deliver reading material, quizzes, activities, etc.Contact Cengage to receive a launch url, consumer key and secret. This tool helps teachers search for and insert links to CK-12 materials (currently entire books or individual chapters) without leaving the LMS. It is a simple and very customized view of an associated Amazon AWS account, designed for teachers that want to offer cloud infrastructure to their students (i.e. It also lets students to start and shutdown their assigned machines and know how to access to them.
Centrally support master templates, accreditation reporting, workflow, auditing and archival all without leaving the LMS course. Files placed in a Dropbox folder also are accessible through a website and mobile phone applications.
It's flexible enough to be used for community sites, Q&A services, forums, standard web pages, etc. You can add a link to your course navigation that will send users to an Elgg network already logged in.You need to have a running Elgg server, and then you'll need to install the LTI plugin for Elgg in order for this integration to work. EvaluationKIT provides all the functionality needed to manage the student feedback process including survey authoring tools, automated reporting for instructors and administrators (specific to just their courses or areas they oversee), and much more. For example, this might be relevant blogs or news feeds from external sources, or perhaps a collection of student-produced blogs. Includes major language, commit dates, forks and watchers for repos, syntax-highlighted code for gists. This seamless access is available to schools with an Unlimited Catalog Access agreement which provides students with course materials for an entire year for one annual fee. Links to a school's app can be launched from within a course, and can also be added as a link that students will see in their user profile.To set up you'll need to have an existing partnership with Inigral, and they will provide you with the app name to enter in the configuration. Short lessons with an interactive testing engine help the learner to gradually build up expertise about the different pieces of LTI functionality.
From any course, faculty use My Mediasite to capture or upload video lectures, screencasts and tutorials. The online resources NBC Learn has created for the education community leverages nearly 80 years of historic news coverage, documentary materials, and current news broadcasts. Resources and lessons can be inserted directly into course content, while maintaining their functionality.Register on OpenTapestry and click "Configure Integrations" to retrieve your consumer key and shared secret. This tool can be launched either from within course content or as a course-level navigation option, giving role-based options to the user.
Panopto will provide institutional administrators with the necessary shared secret and consumer key in order to set up of this tool. You pick the dimensions, whether it's color or grayscale, and then embed it into your content. Embed learning resources from PLATO within your course.Visit the PLATO web site for more information and to retrieve a key and secret. Users can build interactive mathematical systems that are rendered in the browser.Once the app is installed, you can add the app to your course content and launch it, then start building out your visualizations to be reviewed by students. Adding this app allows you to search through and link to social stories from within your course material. A dozen activities a€“ such as flash cards, crosswords and quizzes a€“ engage students with course content in an individualized way.
Students can finally meet their classmates online, form study groups and really study together. It also allows teachers to upload new Tandem activities previously downloaded or created from the SpeakApps OER repository. Via also handles hybrid and lecture-capture classes where students participate remotely or asynchronously, case studies, image questions, equation editors, chat and more. Once VoiceThread is accessed within your LMS, your users will be signed into their accounts.
Students clicking the Wikispaces tool link will be automatically authenticated (and registered as a user) on the WikiSpaces wiki account, giving them viewing and editing abilities. Each time you click a link you will be taken to our SHOPPING CART page where you can specify quantities. A consumer key and secret are automatically generated for each package, and can be retrieved from the package settings page.
Learners using the LMS are then able to access and view immediately the videos they need, at the exact location, with the necessary learning content to suit specific instructional objectives. Also supports podcasting, presentations and voice boards.Contact Blackboard for account registration and to retrieve a key and secret. Badges are added as module items in Canvas, and are then must be configured by the instructor before students can earn them. Canvas admins can also add custom Javascript to their account that will show public badges on user profiles within Canvas.
Also includes keyword search and previews, public and mobile access, automated notifications, and insertion of boilerplate policies for syllabi across the entire institution.Concourse is an account level tool and not designed as a course level tool. With our secure exam delivery backed by military-grade encryption, educators can deliver exams to any laptop or iPad without WiFi dependency. This LTI Tool allows anyone to embed a Google Map into the course via the Rich Text Editor. Sharing content has never been easier a€“ automatically publish to designated courses or embed video content anywhere in the LMS. NBC Learn gives students and teachers access to thousands of video clips from the NBC News archives, including great historic moments--from the Great Depression to the Space Race to the latest political coverage. Use Noteflight to create and share music assignments with students instantly.You'll need to sign up for noteflight and contact them to get your key and secret. Students can browse recorded lectures associated with the course; teachers can start a new Panopto lecture capture without leaving the LMS. StudyMate Class resides within a Canvas course and allows both instructors and students to create items collaboratively.
Its aim is to facilitate the practice of language in pairs, giving a purpose to the conversation and an extra motivation for students. With single sign-on, students quickly access content and stream course videos without leaving Canvas. Mediasite provides the most engaging learning experience with powerful video search, interactivity and sharing tools.
SWoRDa€™s peer-to-peer assessment supports writing across the curriculum in both small classrooms and large online programs.

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