SAFTA aviation school formally known as South African Flight Training Academy specializes in exclusive flight training lessons whether your looking for a pilot career, We are leaders in all aviation schools in south Africa.
South African Flight Training Academy opened its door in 2007 to training professional pilots from all over the world.
Aviation enthusiasts saw the need for a professional pilot training academy where students could trading and share their interest, thus welcome to SAFTA.
Here at SAFTA we offer students a 10-12 month professional pilot course and we are ideally situated to maximize training and to get our student to their end goal.
South African Flight Training Academy is based in the rural town of Heidelberg, Gauteng which is a mere 40km.
Our accommodation is able to house over 200 students with caterers, indoor and outdoor activities, study rooms and much more. If you would like to find out more about SAFTA formally known as South African Flight Training Academy, please contact us! A South African Air Force (SAAF) Douglas C-47 Dakota transport aircraft crashed in the Giants Castle area of the Drakensberg mountain range on 5 December, according to the South African government.
It's amazing how you still find some elderly aircraft flying in some parts of the world.

If I remember my history correctly, Dwight Eisenhower credited this aircraft with winning Wor;d War II. In ther 80s there was a company at Burbank airport that was putting a 30 inch streatch and turboprops on old DC3s (C47 military) and increasing the full fuel payload from 12,500 to 18,000 pounds. I grew up in the 1950’s when all the military surplus planes spawned air lines all over the west coast. At about age 9, my first plane ride was a DC3 (converted C47) and went from my 8000 person town to a 10,000 person one. There’s an airline in the Canadian Arctic that flies DC3s, DC4s and C46s in revenue service. They are slow but extremely versatile and can land on grass and dirt landing strips with no problem.
The town offers the benefit of a safe and secure training , study and living environment while being only a short distance from the South African Civil Aviation Authority, O.R Tambo and all major shopping mall in Johannesburg. The World War Two era aircraft was flying from Waterkloof air force base near the South African capital of Pretoria to Mthatha airport in the Eastern Cape Province when it went missing at about 09:45 local. The C-47 is still service with several nations - Mexico uses trainers from the 1930s, and the US Navy still has trainers from the 1940s in service.

And, I'll bet these old trainers are in much better shape then all the old aircraft used by any other nation.
The Buff has since been extensively rebuilt whereas the C-47 is still mostly the plane it was when it started. Severe weather conditions in the area hindered the continuation of the search and rescue effort," the SAAF says. In South African service, the seven-decade old aircraft have been upgraded with new Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turboprop engines. Nonetheless, at some point the SAAF must start looking for a replacement for the long-serving machine.

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