This extract was taken from The Guardian explaining Virgin Media's contract which has secured one of the Sky sports channels. Sky+ has become a must have luxury and not just for those who work odd hours or have busy schedules that prevent them from being able to watch their favourite shows when they’re first aired. In the latest update of the Sky & BBC row where BBC are angry at Sky for the retransmission fees, The BBC are now threatening to charge the broadcaster for channels such as BBC1 unless Sky drop the retransmission fees. Within a week of BT announcing plans to offer free sports channels, including live Premier League football games to its broadband customers, 15 per cent of Sky’s TV and broadband customers say they are interested in receiving them, according to a nationwide survey by Usurv.
Sky news update: Sky will revamp their SkyGo app with a new look and new channels that offer more scope for catch up. Television broadcasters Sky offer many perks to their services including the option to catch up on shows you missed on demand. Sky news update: In a bid to out-do their new rivals BT, Sky have revamped their Premier League coverage. Microsoft named their cloud service SkyDrive and Sky have won a trademark infringement case against them because of this. Having been a prolific goal scorer in Spain for Zaragoza, Valencia and Barcelona, there is no doubt that David Villa is a top striker.
United fans are eagerly awaiting the prospect of signing Spanish international Thiago Alcantara from Barcelona.
British cyclist Chris Froome, who is currently racing for team Sky in the 100th Tour de France, yesterday won the 15th stage of the tour. Recently BT announced they would be launching their own sport channel with Barclays Premier League coverage.
Sky are set to update their current Sky Sports App for the iPad next month, to create a more efficient and functional viewing football experience for their consumer.
Broadcasting and broadband company Sky, are said to be upping their marketing budget for the coming months, due to the strong competition between the company and BT. Sky News Update: The broadcasting company are joining a group to promote Ultra HD Television within the United Kingdom, along with the BBC.
The broadcasting and broadband company are considering the launch of a television channel, exclusively targeted towards the male gender.
Sky news update: As social media works its way into an ever-more permanent situ, the channels of communication are opened for the public and private spheres. Sky News Update: Sky get the first live ultra HD broadcast throughout the UK when the stream the Stoke City, West Ham football match to a select audience.
Sky news update: Sky and FreeSat have announced that the service UTV will now be available to all of their customers, on HD, through their set top boxes. Sky news update: Sky News have launched a new campaign to recognise the efforts and lives of young people by rewarding them a day with their sporting hero.
Sky news update: The launch of a brand new show to Sky Atlantic demonstrates how co-production is taking off to offer customers entertaining new programmes.
Sky news update: Following customer demands for new, original entertainment, Sky have announced the production and filming of four new dramas for Sky TV. Sky news update: Sky have added more channels and more programmes to their On Demand service, Sky Go.
Sky news update: Sky is currently offering several different plans for their telephone service depending upon how much you use your phone.
Sky news update: Team sky manager believes that the team’s three stars, Froome, Wiggins and Cavendish can work together in the Tour de France.
Sky news update: In order to create a little more hype around and provide more information for the 2015 General Election, Sky will be televising debates. Sky news update: Sky has released a wide range of new TV shows to add to their box set collection.
Sky news update: Sky and BT are currently both competing to secure the most TV and telephone subscribers they can. Sky news update: BT and BSkyB have ended a three year debate about getting Sky Movies for BT TV customers with a positive deal for a multi-year agreement. Sky news update: Sky Sports develop their sports coverage to include videos of goals embedded in Tweets, allowing almost-live viewing of the football games. Sky news update: Another update to Sky’s Now TV means they are now pushing to rival the internet based on demand TV programme and movie service Netflix. Sky news update: Sky are currently topping the FTSE top fallers lists as stocks fall and there may be potential problems in gaining Champions League rights. Sky news update: Sky have recently announced that their service NOW will in the near future offer entertainment services such as Netflix and LoveFilm. Sky news update: In early November 2013 BT pipped Sky to the post when it came to purchasing the rights to show the Champions League from 2015 onwards. Sky news update: today, 14th November 2013, Sky have released their latest idea - Sky Broadband Shield. Sky news update: selected BE broadband customers have been receiving the first notifications from Sky, so they can decide if they would like to switch. Sky news update: pressure on BT to reach a deal for sports coverage that will allow the companies to broadcast on the other’s platform has been increased. Sky news update: Sky have recently added the popular catch up TV service, 4oD, to their NOW TV service so thousands now have instant access to the service. Sky news update: Sky has recently, 1st December 2013, launched a specialized movie channel that will only show Christmas films until 2014.
Sky news update: Sky has made their Sky Store service, which rents and streams films, free to anybody with a sky account via YouView and Roku set top boxes. Sky news update: the Sky Go app for Android was announced back in November 2013, now in early December the app is finally available for download. Sky news update: It has been discovered that Britons are paying more than most other nations for premium pay-TV packages at ?66 per month.
Sky news update: The National Film and Television School, more commonly known as the NFTS, has recently collaborated with Sky to form a new partnership. Sky news update: At the start of this month, Sky launched their Sky Movies Christmas channel which exclusively shows back to back festive films. Sky news update: Sky Sports F1 have recently secured ten exclusive races for next year’s season and have announced several special festive programmes. Genuine news websites have found themselves having to battle with Sky after the company’s default adult-content filters were found to be blocking them too. It has been announced that Sky Deutschland are making it possible for customers to use a mini-pay service on the iPhone and iPod devices for buying content.

Sky news update: four mainstream F1 commentators are looking ahead to the 2014 season with a whole day dedicated to analysis and aired on Sky Sports News.
Sky is due to be investigated, along with multiple other firms, by European regulators, into their exclusive deals with Hollywood regarding films. In an attempt to bring in more customers to their pay-tv service, Sky have announced that they will be offering episodes of popular shows through YouTube.
BT Sport make a new bid to take the sports coverage crown from giants Sky as they make it clear that they will go head to head for cricket and golf coverage. It has been revealed in an investigation carried out by the BBC that hundreds of homes across the UK are taking advantage of illegal Sky TV subscriptions. The Sky cycling team, known as Team Sky, have announced that they will still be participating in the Tour du Haut Var despite having 16 bicycles stolen. Sky news have had their request to become a free-to-air channel turned down by the chief executive of the Nine network.
Sky are looking to vastly increase the number of viewers and subscribers by commissioning more than 100 hours of new, fully-scripted drama and comedy shows. There have been many changes made to the Sky set up recently, one of the most recent ones is the introduction of a new Sky Arts director. Team Sky have secured themselves a one-two finish at the Settimana Coppi e Bartali race in Italy as Peter Kennaugh secures first and Dario Cataldo second. The ability to record whole series at the touch of button is something that has become widely envied but Sky have managed to take it one step further, remote record.
Sky currently charges the BBC, along with other public service broadcasters ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, to carry its TV and radio channels on its pay-TV services. Starting in May with the counterpart to England’s tour of New Zealand in February there was a two match series held at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London and then in Headingley, Leeds. There are two services; Sky Go and Sky Go Extra which allows you to watch television programmes and films on demand on two and four devices respectively. They will launch the new look on the first day of the Premier League with free coverage to every house in Britain. The England and Wales High Court ruled that the inclusion of the word ‘sky’ could cause confusion for customers and therefore Microsoft will have to change the name. Many think that Thiago would be able to employ the brand of football that the club aspires to should he sign. Users will be able to choose a game they wish to watch from a selection of covered games that are shown on Saturday evenings and watch it live and as it all happens on their iPad from 10pm onwards. The rival company announced the launch of their sports channel package earlier this year and ever since Sky have had to fight to keep consumers and think up new ways to keep individuals interested in what the company has to offer, in terms of its products, services and deals. The broadcasting and broadband provider company has become part of a group that aims to promote the uses and advantages of Ultra HD Television within the United Kingdom. The company have identified that they do not have this type of channel currently and believe it is the aspect missing from their wide selection of channels which are targeted towards a varied amount of consumers.
Sky are one of the most dominant conglomerates in the world and the way they function in the public sphere has developed along with social media and the way of the world. As of the 4th of November this year customer of Sky and FreeSat will now be able to view their favourite television shows, such as Coronation Street, X Factor and Emmerdale in high definition through their existing set top boxes.
In a bid to acknowledge the lives of young people in the UK struggling with or who have recently over-come a life-threatening illness, Sky are using some of the influence they have in the sporting world to set up a meeting for children and their heroes. It has been announced that a brand new show will be gracing the television screens of the UK’s Sky customers: Penny Dreadful. They’re planning to launch four brand new original British dramas to coincide with the biggest drama season ever televised on their TV channels. The commissioned programmes look set to include a new medical drama that should be pumped full of action and vibrancy called ‘Critical’ and a psychological thriller crossed with period drama starring Billie Piper and Rory Kinnear titled ‘Penny Dreadful’ and following the life of an Irish immigrant in Victorian London escaping her past. In order to remain contemporary and relevant in a society that is gradually demanding more luxuries are available totally at convenience, Sky have developed their mobile television and On Demand services.
You must have Sky Rental Line prior to taking out any of the plans in order for them to work, more information can be found on Sky’s website. Rod Ellington the manager of Sky Pro Cycling, known as team Sky, believes that Chris Froome, Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish will be able to put their differences aside next year and focus on wining the Tour de France as a team. The idea is to televise three debates spaced two weeks apart during the weeks leading up to the 2015 General Election. The multi-year agreement will enable BT TV customers to add Sky Movies to their service package from October 26.
Sky are considered the dominant presence on the sports coverage market as they have the exclusive rights to a large proportion of the matches that are played across a range of sports – football, cricket, rugby, athletics etc. On demand has rapidly become an extremely large market as the world strives to remain as current as possible in the entertainment market as well as functioning normally and carrying out as busy lives as they choose to conduct. Earlier this year BT had to pay huge amounts of money to compete with Sky, who are the dominant sport broadcaster in the UK, for Premier League rights. Sky has owned the majority of the rights to show Champions League action for many years now. These migration notifications explain that they have a month to decide whether or not they wish to stay with the company which has now been acquired by Sky or leave and join another provider. Since losing the bid for coverage of the Champions League to BT for ?897million, BSkyB have been pushing to get BT to sign a wholesale deal that will mean Sky can make BT’s channels available to their viewers, and vice versa for BT. Sky has recently launched two new Sky Movies channels: Sky Movies Christmas and Sky Movies Christmas HD. Sky have recently, 4th December 2013, opened their doors to non subscription customers so that anybody can now stream and rent films from online stores for as little as 99p. It has been discovered that Britons are paying more than most other nations for premium pay-TV packages.
Many homes in Britain will be feeling slightly less in the Christmas spirit this year after Sky bought the television rights to air a total of thirty Christmas films.
Sky announced today, 20th December 2013, that they have secure exclusive rights for multiple races in the 2014 Formula 1 season. One company in particular, TorrentFreak have expressed their irritation at the filters that are applied to all Sky broadband services and the way they evaluate which sites are blocked. Sky are notorious worldwide and Sky Deutschland is just one of the many branches of the company; all of the branches offer the same services. Martin Brundle, Johnny Herbert, Anthony Davidson and Ted Kravitz are being assigned a two hour session each on Sky Sports News over the third Wednesday in January in order to look ahead to the 2014 F1 season. Thanks to the push they need to boost customers and bring in more viewers, Sky are making the move to offer free of charge episodes of some of their new, popular series in order to entice customers into subscribing.

Since winning the bid for coverage of the UEFA and Europa League matches, BT Sport have knocked Sky off their ‘exclusive, live rights’ podium.
For as little as ?10 per calendar month – that’s ?70 less than they could be paying – customers wishing to view Sky television but who are unwilling to pay the full cost, can receive all of the channels offered by Sky. Although there was an initial question over the participation of Team Sky, they managed to pull some equipment together so that they could go ahead with the race. The Nine network own a large part of Sky News while Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox has a 39% share so this has to be a mutual decision made by all of those investing. In order to attempt to inflate the current total of subscribers and viewers to Sky television, they have taken steps that do not involve sport – something of a rarity for the media conglomerate.
This comes as part of the dedication that BSkyB are showing to make their service unbeatable, especially since they are facing serious rival from a number of other pay-tv services. Kennaugh featured as part of the Gold medal winning Team Pursuit team at the London 2012 Olympics and has now managed to secure the enviable sport of first place in the Settimana Coppi e Bartali.
This explains the different aspects of acquiring these channels and the implications from the other service providers. If you find yourself out and about but your favourite show is due to be aired in five minutes you can now use your mobile phone to instruct your Sky+ box at home to record said show. This is closely followed by the last ever ICC Champions Trophy hosted across England and Wales at Edgbaston (Birmingham), Cardiff and The Kia Oval (London) and then hot on the heels of that, the first Ashes series of the year.
However, with the arrival of the South American Player of the Year, Neymar, David Villa is no longer needed. After Paul Scholes’ retirement, some are wishing the 22-year-old to fill the gap left by the legend.
This group has been compiled after the confusion experienced between consumers over the term HD Ready and therefore this group aims to make consumers more knowledgeable and have a better understanding of the latest technologies and what they are buying into. There is thought to be a market for this male targeted channel and therefore the company are highly considering the launch. Is this the moment when, finally, it’s decisively found that watching a match on TV really is better than going to the event itself?
The shows include some major television names such as; Josh Hartnett, Rory Kinnear, Ashley Walters, Ben Whishaw, Eva Green and Billie Piper. There are three main plans on offer right now: Sky Talk Weekends, Sky Talk Anytime UK and Sky Talk Anytime International.
David Cameron has recently been involved in a series of debates but he has questioned the timing of these televised debates. From the first of October 2013 onwards, a wide range of new programs will be added at intervals for Sky customers to view within the box set collection provide through Sky's service. Sky and BT are in an unending marketing battle to gain the most pay-TV sports subscribers and mobile company’s campaigns for 4G services. Amongst the premieres offered on the service this month are titles such as Gangster Squad and Les Miserables.
There are very few sports that Sky Sports do not broadcast and one of their major recent acquisitions is F1. This has developed in line with the internet as it became clear that it could be used to transmit shows at individuals’ demands as opposed to being broadcast live. Sky News’ Arabia team has recently gone missing while reporting in Aleppo which is a city in northern Syria.
They now feel they will not recover from the ?450 million set back in time to battle again against Sky for Champions League rights as well.
They offer a range of services such as broadband, telephony and pay-tv which is their biggest earner.
There was great speculation over what would happen at this year’s auction with the recent introduction of BT into the pay-TV sport market.
Sunderland then took on Manchester City at the Stadium of Light and finally in the late kick off Arsenal faced a challenging match at Old Trafford against Manchester United. Early this year Sky bought O2's and BE Broadband’s fixed broadband and phone lines for a fee in excess of ?180 million. The service has been updated today, 27th November 2013, adding 4oD to the extensive selection of services available. The channel is designed to give Movies customers a non-stop stream of festive films until the start of the New Year. Non Sky subscribers will now be able to rent and stream films from other services other than Now TV, services such as YouView and Roku will now host the Sky store. The highly anticipated Sky Go Tablet app finally arrived on the Google Play store; this means that anybody with an Android now has access to the app. Millions of homes, which have limited access to only terrestrial television, will no longer be able to watch family Christmas films such as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Sky are dedicated to delivering the most modern, innovative products for their customers and now Sky Deutschland has announced that their customers will be able to pay for the content they wish to view on their iPhones and iPods through the mini-pay application.
Spurs seem to be favourites to sign the striker and are reportedly happy to go up to ?10m to sign him. Customers have the ability to pick exactly what they want to watch and when they watch it, this feature also applies to all box sets that Sky offer. This battle is predicted to boost the UK and Ireland’s advertising market by over ?12 billion this year. The deal covers 11 Sky Movies channels and will be offered to BT customers with a YouView set-top box or a Vision+ box. Owners of the popular NOW TV set top box will now be able to watch the best Channel 4 shows such as, Fresh Meat, Homeland and Made in Chelsea, along with classic box sets including Father Ted and the IT Crowd, through any of their televisions. They provide a wide range of programmes including: documentaries, kids' shows, sports and movies.
On Tuesday, 29th October 2013, Sky announced that they will be in the near future offering new entertainment services such as Netflix and Lovefilm on their NOW TV. The new tool will enable family friendly filters to be put in place so that each individual customer can choose which websites their family cannot access.

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