The answer is yes and no, depending on your lifestyle and the amount of your monthly Social Security check. To make matters worse for those receiving close to the average amount of Social Security, there hasn’t been a cost of living increase for a couple of years. A single person can live cheaply in Costa Rica on Social Security and here is an example of how to do it. Most of these people are very happy with their simple lifestyle which they could never have in the States for the same price. I’ve been to CR several times and loved it, and expect to make this move a permanent one, so I am very carefully checking on everything to make sure this happens. I am single and have a pension that is a bit more than what you stated as the average social security check would be. I am on SS Disability and want to move to Costa Rica, where I will be able to live with my sister & family. The big problem with Canadian penioners is that they have to find the money to fly back to Canada every six months. Something to keep in mind for those whose pensions are too low for a good lifestyle: as a Pensionado, you may not legally work but you are allowed to have a business and receive income from it. Canadians on government pension cannot be outside the country more than six months, the month they leave and six months after that.
The health care in Ontario ends for anyone who is outside the province for more than 153 days in any one year period. Bringing together the country’s most RENOWNED and experienced EXPERTS in their respective fields to take care of all of your RELOCATION NEEDS.
New ebook is expat guide to learn the basic introduction to the Costa Rica’s legal system in simple terms.
I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to wonder about belonging to the sandwich generation. I guess we should be thankful that it’s the Obama Administration’s goal to revamp everything that’s ever been wrong with this country over the four years he’s in office ?? . So, here are some of the ideas that Obama and company are throwing around to revamp Social Security. Tip: Instead of relying entirely on social security benefits to fund your retirement, take matters into your own hands and plan for your own retirement. The fact is, neither Obama nor any other sitting president will allow Social Security to go by the wayside…at least not on their watch.

Of course, if you throw Medicare and Medicaid into the mix you’ve got a real mess on your hands.
I think in the wake of what we are seeing in Europe, we are not far behind in the area of government sponsored retirement plans like social security. I completely ignore any potential Social Security payouts when I perform financial projections.
If Social Security is still around, great – we may be able to buy a few extra things every now and then. To me, the strange thing is that the rate for medicare hasn’t increased in the face of rising medical costs. There will be no money for us when we retire, no matter how much taxes are raised in the next 30 years.
But why not learn from Asian countries like Australia, Hong Kong for example, and dish away with pay as you go.
I think that any rich country should be able to provide a modest retirement for its elderly, however I think its best to plan for it not being around in the future. DIY Investor also provided a call Social Security tool that allows you to play with different scenarios that seems cool.
Were it not for the guaranteed income from Social Security, I don’t know what I would do. Everyone shouldn’t take a doom and gloom attitude towards Social Security, all civilized nations have some form of retirement program. That being said, the secret to a financially healthy retirement is to have multiple streams of income and not just depend on one. Love the article, but for the record only two of the “Big Three” were bailed out, Ford never took taxpayers’ money.
According to Social Security the average monthly benefit for a retired worker was about $1,164 at the beginning of 2010.
Given the fact that the cost of living has risen here and the dollar has lost its value against the colon (Costa Rica’s currency), it is very hard to get by on $1,164 per month. I know a couple of single men and women in the Heredia area who have mastered the art of living on less than $1500 monthly. When you take into consideration that most Costa Ricans earn far less than $1000 monthly and get by easily you can see that with $1500 monthly you will be able to live well. In those countries whatever you contribute to your “retirement account” is yours (just like 401k) and government cannot touch it!

My savings were intelligently invested and so I lost much less than many people did, but still so much of my 403(b) and IRA savings went down the toilet that I really needed to work at least another eight to ten years.
The amount of government pensions paid to Canadians is very similar to the Social Security pensions paid in the US.
My family is from Cuba and I spent 4 years living in Venezuela so CR is a natural for me, but she’s worried about the language.
My monthey chechs are 1,900 change can I still move to costa rica and will my money decrease or stay the same?
Yes, the Feds want to take a larger portion of your wages in order to make up for a deficit they created. If we had invested the surplus from 1983 on we wouldn’t have the problem we have today.
I’m now working 15 to 18 hours a day, seven days a week, at freelance and part-time jobs and earning a tiny fraction of what my full-time job paid. Typically, they do not own an automobile but rely exclusively on public transportation which is very affordable. If you are a couple with each person making the maximum amount, indeed you live like a king and queen. They do part of their shopping at the local weekend farmers’ markets or ferias where they can stock up on a lot of fruits and vegetables like many Costa Ricans do.
If I brought a small condo, how much are those and would it be near the Ocean walking distance,or should I just rent. Is this a possible move for me> and what do I need to set into motion to make it happen?
When they eat out they tend to eat breakfast and lunch at one of the small cafes or sodas in Heredia’s Central Market. For health care they belong to the Caja, the public health care system which costs them $50 dollars or less monthly for complete health coverage.

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