The work done by Meru and T-Mobile is designed to let enterprises save on phone costs as increasing numbers of employees use their cell phone as their primary work phone:  whenever end users move onto a Meru virtual cell Wi-Fi network, they no longer eat into the allotted number of minutes in their cell phone plan. Meru Networks develops and markets wireless infrastructure solutions that enable the All-Wireless Enterprise. T-mobile - cell phone plans, Cell phone plans with unlimited talk, we have the best tablet plan in wireless!
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Sprint customers with 4G devices on standard Everything Data plans are reporting the removal of the additional $10 Premium Data fee from their accounts on the latest statements from the carrier, while those on SERO are also reporting the removal of the fee from those accounts as well.

This follows the expansion of the Premium Data fee to all smartphones at the end of last month, which has caused dissatisfaction within the customer base most likely to purchase smart devices on the carrier due to the increased cost per year. At the time of the announcement, Sprint justified the increase based on the amount of additional data that smartphones consumed in comparison to its shrinking lineup of feature phones, until it was confirmed that swapping devices on the account from a smartphone to a feature phone and back again would add the fee to the account (with select exceptions), even though agreements were signed before the additional fee was imposed on all smartphones.
How is the post misleading Larry, especially since I’ve posted proof of the initial removal and even sent out questions to Sprint to clarify? Ok this is bizarre & im sure a mistake because if there gonna nix it why would they be doing it for people who have 4G devices who the fee was intially meant for makes no sense??? If they are removing it form the individual plans and not the family plans, then the only reason I can think of is they must have been called on their bait and switch (advertising that $69.99 plan and then putting an extra $10 in the fine print). I am honored to give Sprint an additional $120 + taxes and surcharges per year for the privilege of 4G. 26, 2009 – T-Mobile USA, Inc., and enterprise wireless LAN vendor Meru Networks have teamed up to bring fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) to enterprise customers, using unlicensed mobile access (UMA) technology to let users of T-Mobile devices roam between outdoor cellular infrastructures and indoor Wi-Fi networks without experiencing any interruption to their calls.

With this new development, Sprint has decided to remove the fees on SERO Premium and Everything Data plans with 4G smartphones. UMA-capable handsets, will be able to switch between cell networks and internal, secure enterprise Wi-Fi networks for calling. We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops, since it may lead to the complete elimination of the Premium Data fee on all smartphones and have a request for comment out to Sprint for clarification. People are not seeing it there, and are assuming that Sprint removed it, when in all actuality, it is listed in a totally different area, where most people don’t look.

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