Savings through activating multiple line services on one account means a lot to a family budget.
In addition to AT&Ta€™s Cricket Wireless, two other prepaid brands have announced the Samsunga€™s latest flagship, T-Mobilea€™s MetroPCS and Sprinta€™s Boost Mobile. T-Mobile USa€™ prepaid brand MetroPCS has started new promotion in which it discounts its smartphones significantly. T-Mobilea€™s prepaid brand MetroPCS today announced new promotion for Sprint customers who switch to their service. T-Mobile and its prepaid brand MetroPCS will both launch the LG K7, one of the two smartphones that LG has announced earlier this week at CES 2016. It wasna€™t long before we found out the exact date on which new MetroPCS features that leaked couple of days ago, including music and video streaming at 480p, will be added to its plans. The new ??Sprint Motorola Triumph cell phone very attractive- it’s thin, sleek, and compact. Oh, I have to tell you about this Sprint phone, it is the LG Rumor2 and I know that you have all probably seen the commercials, but really, it does not do this incredible phone justice!
This phone has all sorts of features and it has a slide keyboard, for the latest and greatest texting capabilities!  Sprint, while not my favorite provider is definitely one of the leading carriers, so you know that you will be getting pretty good service as well!

Another thing that this phone has built right in is a GPS!  So you will never, ever get lost again!  How cool is that?  So really, check out the latest LG Rumor2! Paying for a phone service for a whole family that can count two, three, four, five or more members can be really tough, especially these days.
MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy S7 is now available for pre-orders on carriera€™s website while Boosta€™s version is announced on its Facebook and Twitter account. MetroPCS starts Switching From Sprint promotion tomorrow, on January 21, 2016 and offers it to current Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile customers.
The K7 and a better of the two K10 are part of the LGa€™s new K Series smartphones that offer some high-end features, which are usually included with LGa€™s premium models like advanced camera technology and UX features. ZTE announced on its press conference that it will launch two new entry level smartphones, Cricket Wireless ZTE Grand X 3 and MetroPCS ZTE Avid Plus. The carriera€™s offering a€?Buy One Get Onea€™ smartphone deal again with new set of smartphones that customers will get for free with a purchase of a new phone. MetroPCS announces video streaming at DVD quality, free Unlimited Music Streaming and 1GB of extra data on $40 and $50 plans on its website for this Thursday, November 19, 2015. A Single line plans are definitely more profitable to providers but having in mind that just one family can bring a number of subscribers to that same provider should be enough for them to offer some benefits.

Those who switch from eligible carriers will get up to 50% discount on Sprinta€™s Family Share Pack pricing and a free 4G LTE smartphone. T-Mobile has confirmed that it and MetroPCS will launch LG K7 but hasna€™t disclosed when that might be or for how much they will sell it.
And just like last year, this yeara€™s MetroPCS Black Friday a€?Buy One Get Onea€™ deal starts on November 19 and lasts through the end of this month, November 30, 2015. The carriers also increases amount of data used for hotspot on the $60 unlimited plans to 8GB and discontinue $5 hotspot add-on. A And if families prefer to be free of leaving prepaid provider if not happy without any consequences, prepaid family plans are the way to go. In addition, ZTE Avid Plus will be added to T-Mobile smartphone lineup on January 20, 2016, and its price tag will also be set to $119.

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