The LG Optimus Black, LGP970, comes with a free $20 rebate from us, free shipping from Straight Talk and we have a review on the LG Optimus Black, also known as the LG P970, Black Optimus by LG.
The LG Optimus Q, comes with a free $15 rebate from us, not available from Walmart cell phones, and free shipping from Straight Talk. The LG Optimus Zip is one of the best new Straight Talk Android powered, Verizon network powered, smart phones offered in 2012 from Straight Talk. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, is probably the most popular, best new Android powered, Verizon network powered, smart phone coming out from Straight Talk this year. Your iPhone 5s model A1533, is a GSM model that is used with ATT and TMobile based networks in the US. In general, Straight Talk’s ATT network is the based choice for the iPhone 5s, 5c, and 5 because you should be getting 4G LTE if the ATT network supports LTE in your area. If your APN is wap.tracfone, it sounds to me like your iPhone is using Straight Talk’s tmobile network?
Straight Talk, Verizon, Net 10, AT&T and all of the major cell phone carriers, are carrying prepaid, pay as you go cell phones and the best, new cell phones, paid and free for 2012, all have reviews.

Prepaid Cell Phones – The Best Prepaid Cell Phones Deals and Reviews of 2012 for Straight Talk Include Android and Smart Phones or Free basic Prepaid Cell Phones The best new cell phones are not just coming out with those who have annual cellular phone plans. Dubbed the thinnest smart phone, the Optimus Black, LG P970, is the best Android smart phone Straight Talk currently has to offer. The reviews for the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim ended early in July for a short time because Straight Talk ran out of stock.
There are also some great mid-level smart phones available including the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, the Huawei Ascend II, the Nokia E5 and the ZTE Merit 990g. I bought a straight talk Iphone 5S from Walmart and there was a package attached with the phone that had a SIM in it.
Prepaid carriers such as Straight Talk and Net 10, they are now offering prepaid Android cell phones as well as plenty of the latest cell phones in their new 2012 new cell phone line ups for 2012. Back in stock, in August and September 2012, the Proclaim which is from the Galaxy line by Samsung, comes with free shipping from Straight Talk and from us, a free $15 rebate, not available from Walmart cell phones,.
I’ve tried the other APN profiles but wap.tracfone is the only on that allows me to access data.

The sales staff at Walmart may not be aware of this because all the previous iPhone models that Straight Talk sold used the Verizon network.
The best, new free cell phone deals as well as Android phones and smart phones, are all being offered in the prepaid market and Straight Talk is leading the prepaid cell phone movement with great basic free cell phones. Or did you just mean you went into the Cellular Data Network settings and tried to set up the APN?
Prepaid cell phone deals are getting better and better as more cellular carriers jump on the band wagon. The best new free cell phones are from Straight Talk but if you want the LG Optimus, LG Optimus 2X, Nokia E71 or even the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, Straight Talk has them for great prices right now as well.

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