Verizon is taking a cue from other wireless carriers, waving around cash — or at least a sizable prepaid card — to convince you to switch over your cell phone service. No matter who's making the offer, though, there are four things to keep in mind when you contemplate taking advantage of a carrier's switching deal. T-Mobile subscriber perks like rolling over unused data and streaming video without it counting against your monthly allotment only apply to plans with 6GB or more of data.
Switching offers can be tempting, especially if you're mulling over a change in your wireless service.
Verizon points out that a family of four could get $2,600 in credit to cover early termination fees and device purchase plans by switching over to its service. It's good to know these things before you sign up with a new carrier to avoid disappointments later on.

But there are a few things to keep in mind before you run to another wireless carrier's seemingly loving embrace.It's not just a matter of weighing the offers from each carrier looking to get you to jump ship. Instead, find a friend or colleague who already subscribes to that carrier and see what kind of coverage they get at your home, office, or any other place where you're likely to frequently use your phone.
In most cases, the refund you can expect is similar from carrier to carrier, and you're not receiving that refund in the form of cash — rather, it's a prepaid card aimed at covering the costs of your switch.
Instead, the details to pay special attention to are the ones that come into play after you've made the move to a new carrier. Sprint, for example, gives you 28 days to try out its service and return your phone if you aren't satisfied. That amount is broken up into a $100 bill credit for switching over to AT&T's wireless service plus $200 for trading in an eligible smartphone.

Current customers who add a new line of service are also eligible for the $200 credit if they trade in an eligible phone. For instance, the monthly rate you get from Sprint in the Cut Your Bill in Half promotion lasts through January 8, 2018. E-Mail Address About Flannel Guy ROI is a working dude and family man that likes flannel shirts and wants to achieve financial independence a little sooner than most, particularly by making smart spending decisions and living intentionally.

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