T-Mobile will be offering its most affordable LTE Android-powered smartphone beginning August 7 with the LG Optimus F3. Good starter phone, the Nokia Lumia 710 is a good entry level smartphone priced right to get plain jane cell phone users to get a Windows phone come on T-Mobile get with it and get the Nokia 900. When you have an open sourced operating system like the Android OS then there is no limit to the things that you can do. For the past year, the one thing that the manufacturers of phones that ran the Android operating system were focused on was power. While you have plenty of powerful Android based phones out there, the G2x has all of the powerful features but they are dedicated to one thing, gaming. The one thing that you do not hear enough about when it comes to smart phones is the external sounds.
Another extra feature of the phone is that you are able to access the Tegra network to get games that have been optimized to use the feature set of the phone. If you are a gamer and you are looking for phone that still has all of the features of the other smart phones out there plus more then look no further. If you have been paying attention to the news lately then you probably have heard about the big merger that is taking place between mobile carriers AT&T and T-Mobile. The CEO claim that there is nothing for the average person to worry about with merging of these two companies. As you can see there is a lot that AT&T brings to the table just because of their size and reach.
So as you can see both services have their plus and their minuses but for a lot of users the good outweighs the bad. When a merger between two companies happens like this the customers of the smaller company is usually the one that experiences the most changes.
Motorola has introduced a smartphone that enables you to enjoy music even under water, although just for a couple of minutes.
The design of Motorola Defy is pretty simple, and the rubberized back and covers keep it further minimalistic. Motorola has made its smartphone dust and scratch resistant unlike iPhone or other high-end smartphones. Another highlight of Motorola Defy is its scratch resistant, high-resolution, edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass touchscreen.
The screen is responsive to finger sweeps and pinch-to-zoom gesture, and impressive to look at the vivid colors and the sharp text displayed.
MotoBlur offers certain live widgets such as Twitter updates, RSS feeds, weather reports, and calendar appointments. With Android HTML Webkit and Adobe Flash Lite 3 you can access your favorite Flash based web sites. CrystalTalk Plus enables you to talk in noisy background by amplifying your voice and filtering out the noise. If you happen to lose your handset then you can easily download all your contacts and social networking details on a new device as all such information is stored on Motorola servers.
G2 is a quad-band world roaming phone supporting HSPA+ network, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, and GPS. T-Mobile G2, also known as HTC Desire Z, is definitely a better design than its predecessor.
It is easy to read the text on the screen of this handset, and the images and videos too are pretty vibrant. The responsive display also offers a proximity sensor, built-in accelerometer, and support for pinch-to-zoom gesture.
G2’s sports an outstanding four row QWERTY keyboard with raised and well sized button for convenient text typing.
You can also use the SWYPE or the Android keyboard if you are used to the virtual keyboard. G2 is the first smartphone to use T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network which provides it with speedy performance and good call quality. T-Mobile’s G2 is a feature packed smartphone running on Android 2.2 and the stock Android interface.
It is preloaded with a number of Google services that are not there on other Android handsets like Google Earth, Google Voice, Google Finance, and Google Listen among others.
Samsung made a much awaiting comeback with its SGH-T559PPATMB with a QWERTY keyboard and a high end web access with a full HTML browser with an expandable memory.
In built camera with 2.0 mega pixel which let you snap to it with 32 GB expandable memory for picture now enjoy snap taking experience without storage problem. Additional feature include flash lite options stereo Bluetooth & music player with 3G support conference call with WAP applications. You can buy and gift a T-Mobile Comet to yourself or to your near-and-dear ones, because it makes for the best entry-level smartphone at a cheap price. Comet’s size undoubtedly makes it a very handy, light and easy-to-pocket device with 85 to 90 percent functionality of high-end mobile phones. There are a couple of pack-in-apps in the ROM like T-Mobile’s My Account and My Device apps, Swype, Telenav, and the view-only version of Documents To Go. You can in-fact get rid of your old Android 2.1 handset and get this new Ideos cell phone if you are an Android fan.

Various leading smartphone retailers have already made the T-Mobile G2 available to the global digital market, but T-Mobile – despite being one of the top distributors of smartphones in the US – isn’t one of them. This new announcement from T-Mobile would make the G2 the retailer’s first device they have for sale that’s HSPA+ enabled. The phone’s internet browser also supports Adobe Flash to ensure undisrupted web-surfing experience as well as access to a wider range of applications that require Flash to work.
And of course, the Android OS only means that users will be exposed to a growing number of varied applications for the smartphone. T-Mobile says that the Android powered G2 will now be available from the company within the US. Joining the recently established line of Android smartphones from T-Mobile, the 4th largest carrier in the United States, is the T-Mobile myTouch, designed and manufactured by HTC.
The myTouch’s ability to connect with 4G allows users to access at almost any place using T-Mobile’s network or Wi-Fi. Another distinct feature of the T-Mobile myTouch is its Screen Share function with the HD camcorder. Other distinct features of the myTouch include Dragon Dictation’s Genius Button, which lets you use voice commands to make calls, email, text, or even surf the net. You can also use myModes to customize your myTouch’s home screen, shown in a 3.8-inch touch screen WVGA display. All these features are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon’s 1 GHz MSM8255 processor and are compatible with the phone’s Android 2.2 OS. It would be a great injustice if the all new Samsung T939 behold is not appreciated appropriately. If you are interested in capturing good quality pictures, the Samsung T 939 beholds dynamic 5 mega pixel cameras will help you.
The standard lithium Lon battery of this mobile phone allows you to enjoy decent take time & standby hours.
The T-mobile vairy touch has been introduced with a vision to provide a mobile communication device to the users that would stand for them for all their needs white on the go. When it comes to display, this awesome phone does not leave any stone unturned to make the consumer feel special.
The T-mobile vairy touch has also been equipped with some real exciting downloadable MP3 & polyphonic ring tones. The note is actually free on Walmart wireless with a 2 year contract and $350 off contract. They don’t offer subsidized phone prices, but the monthly rates are lower (fairly substantially so). Overall great device with nice little extra features for a great price at least again on metro running on T-Mobiles network. WVGA is the technology that is supposed to make the pixels on the screen explode with color. A lot of times when you are talking about Android games the creators leave things out so less powerful phones can play them.
As you no doubt know, these are two giant companies in the cell phone industry and the two merging together would form a giant phone company that has not been seen since the days of Ma Bell.
Well let’s take a look at what each service offers different than the other companies that are out there and what users of the two services could possibly be giving up. They will be able to upgrade to an IPhone if they would like to and they will find that they can travel more around the country without hitting extra dead zones. Each customer must remember that there are going to be both good things and bad things about the merger on their end.
Motorola Defy is a handset for all seasons which you can carry wherever you go irrespective of the weather conditions and the terrain.
The covered USB port and headphone jack, and screwed outer covering enable you to keep this handset up-to 1 meter under water for around 10 minutes. MotoBlur securely syncs all your social media, delivers messages and status updates, filtering out everything that is unimportant. You can actually listen to music under water on this device, however for a couple of minutes only. The full function music player has an extended memory slot so you can use memory card to store all the music you want.
We just like to write on latest cell phone reviews and share our research with our readers. The screen size doesn’t allow for multi-touch gestures, but if you are worried about the software keyboard usage then feel assured, it is convenient to use.
Huawei’s partnership with Google enables the Comet users to use Gmail, Google Search and Google Maps. This, however, has changed for the better since T-Mobile announced that they will already be offering the device up for sale both online and local branches. With the help of touch screen technology, the display also features a Swype on-screen QWERTY keyboard as an alternative to the phone’s QWERTY keyboard. This is coupled with features that will allow you to automatically upload photos taken to your Photobucket account.
This is good especially in the case of the G2, since it sports the very recent 2.2 Froyo version of the open source OS.

Prices haven’t been confirmed yet, but buyers will be able to preorder by visiting the T-Mobile website. It was released right after the much talked about T-Mobile G2 Android Phone came into the market. This nifty little function lets users broadcast and share HD videos and pictures wirelessly through any compatible HDTV or DNLA device. The screen also features a virtual keyboard, should you prefer to use that over the equally great Swype keyboard on the phone. Other noteworthy features include calendar, you tube, Google talk integration, GPS with A-GPS, Voice memo & a lot more. Remain in a relaxing mode while communication with the help of speaker phone features of this phone. This phone is available in stunning black color and will keep you entertained with an MP3 player & stereo FM radio. As far as I’m aware, they’re the only of the major US carriers that lets you opt out of the subsidy like that (and actually save some). This is a step in the right direction for T-Mobile, but I’d really like to see them bring bigger guns to this battle.
The Nokia Lumia 710 is expected to cost $49.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate card, with a two-year service agreement and qualifying Classic voice and data plan. It has gotten to the point where there is a niche of powerful phones but they are all the same.
T Mobile has decided that they were going to make a hard push for the gamer market and it looks like they might have delivered.
This is a big plus for gamers because not only will the screen be bright enough to see, it will also be large enough so that the gamer does not have to strain their eyes.
The G2X creators have really thought about this and the external sound of this phone runs DTS audio technology. With the Tegra network, the developers know what the phone can do so they optimize the games for those specs. A lot of the services that their customers took for granted because they were cheap and unlimited will no longer be so.
Additionally, there is a row of three buttons at the end that can be used to assign specific apps that you wish them to open. Also I suggest you to read the reviews at Cnet, Zdnet and PCMag, you will find awesome explanations to features and users view about this cell phone. If you wish to go by the 2 year contract then just pay $9.99 and T-Mobile Comet is all yours.
Incidentally, the G2 is the first HSPA+ enabled and Android supported smartphone in the industry. The handset is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230 for a processor – an 800MHz CPU that’s a must have for HSPA+ capability.
The OS would come complete with an application suite of the most popular Google applications for the Android, including, but not limited to Google Talk, Maps, Search, and Gmail.
The myTouch labels itself as the smartphone that’s capable of supporting connections via 4G. This setup lets your contact your loved ones and video chat with them via Qik or Yahoo Messenger virtually wherever they are, as long as they compatible mobile devices or, better yet, another myTouch. You can do this with photo albums, movies, video clips, and so many other media you’d want to share with other myTouch and compatible phone users. The standard lithium Lon battery is dynamic enough to facilitate you up to 180 hours of standby time & 3 hours of talk time. T-Mobile seems to be getting a lot of new smartphones lately- thats good, hopefully it’ll attract more customers. T-Mobile has decided that they were going to try to break out of this niche buy creating a powerful phone but with a purpose.
They want to make sure that you are able to take advantage of all the gaming capabilities of the phone and that includes a great screen experience.
When a phone changes the basic form factors then that usually means that it is leaving something out. Users of AT&T will find that their coverage in major cities is better since T-Mobile has a lot towers in those cities. The processor isn’t able to speed up the phone, but that doesn’t hinder your progress in browsing and scrolling. That means users get to enjoy really fast HSPA connection – the kind that would let them share with other people HD photos and videos, as well as video chat, with the kind of convenience that they’ve probably never experience before. While as of now there is no news relating to myTouch’s official release dates, there’s a big possibility that it’s going to be available by the time the holidays set in. Storage is facilitated by 4 GB internal memory (4 GB) and an additional microSD card slot (32GB) memory.
It is kinda lame that the only real improvement the Galaxy Note gets on T-Mobile is it has ICS right out of the box.

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