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Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Research studies on the use of mobile phone for a range of different teaching and learning processes have been carried out worldwide. As mobile phones are cheap and wide spread in Sri Lanka, and the users are well acquainted with their functions, it is worth exploring the use of mobile phones for teaching and learning Science. The Government of Sri Lanka has banned students from using mobile phones in schools after an unfortunate incident. The work reported in this document is based on a study conducted at the Department of Education of the University of Peradeniya in collaboration with the University of Bristol, UK as a part of the PhD study by the author. Later these lessons were implemented in four schools and the views of students and teachers were collected.

To learn about the diversity of leaves students have to pluck the leaves thus damaging the plants. I looked and didn't see a topic like this, even though I know there have to have been many over the years, so figured I would make one. Well Sh*t, guess that is why I failed the Private Detective course and was never allowed to take part in City League Scavenger hunts . If your username contains these characters, please register a temporary account and post in this topic. It is recognised now that mobile phones could add a completely new dimension to the teaching and learning process due to a wide range of attributes, such as spontaneous, personal, informal, contextual, portable, ubiquitous, pervasive and the functions such as talk, text, still camera, video, radio, and the internet (Kukulska-Hulme et. The penetration level of mobile phones in Sri Lanka is about 55% and it is much higher than that of computers.
However, it is emphasised in this study to use a set of mobile phones belonging to schools which are on a private network.

A set of mobile phones were provided for three schools (this is in line with the proposal to use mobile phones belonging to the school) while in an International school students' mobile phones were used. However a link between what they familiar at home and what they learn in the classroom is often missing. If mobile phones can be used successfully for the teaching and learning process, they would become a popular and effective teaching tool in Sri Lanka.
This will enable to harness the potentials of the mobile phones to make the teaching and learning process more effective.
Further this will minimise disciplinary problems as the phones will be just like any other laboratory equipment in the school.

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