Go Daddy, the world’s largest seller of domain names, website hosting services, SSL certificates etc. In June this year, Go daddy has also hired team of local customer care agents for support based in Hyderabad, to guide customers in buying domain names, troubleshooting issues etc. The company has already crossed the 1,20,000 customers in the Indian market, counts domain resellers for Go daddy including Directi, Sify,Net4 and few other small reseller.

Directi, the largest of all the resellers for Go daddy in India claims to have about 1 million customers. The officials said that this new technology will give additional facilities to the landline.
All the features of existing system such as phone number, call rates etc will remain same except the time when we use additional features such as multimedia.

NGN will allow minimum of 30 people to interact with each other by video calling through session initiation protocol.

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