200 Cell Phone Tower in Bengkalis Not Kontongi License, Bengkalis disadvantage of the telecommunications sector levy tax revenues. Plantronics Savi W745 wireless headset works with your office desk phone, your computer (via USB cable) and your bluetooth-enabled cell phone (while within range of base). PUERTO MORELOS, MEXICO—A 16-year-old high school student from kitchener, Ont., has died after Mexican police say she was struck by a personal watercraft. A spokesperson for Puerto Morelos police south of Cancun says Camila Lopez was killed Saturday. He says a social worker and school administrators will be at the school’s chapel Wednesday to assist students and the community as they pay respects to Lopez. Joharah Kolishenco of BellyUp Dance Studios says Lopez was a rare find and would attend class twice a week.
Baseball players — among the most superstitious athletes out there (remember Bull Durham?) — don’t like to mess with a routine when they’re on a roll so Bautista isn’t about to mess with karma in what has become a Brotherhood of the Travelling Pants.
Police say two Canadians who were inspired by Al Qaeda and adopted techniques similar to the Boston Marathon bombers have been arrested in a plot to attack the British Columbia legislature on Canada Day.
RCMP national security teams on the West Coast have been tracking John Stewart Nuttall, originally from Victoria, and St. On display for reporters at a press conference Tuesday were pictures of three pressure cooker devices seized in the arrest. The two suspects are facing charges of facilitating a terrorist activity, making or possessing and explosive device and conspiracy. An acquaintance of Korody’s from high school said she believed Korody converted to Islam about three years ago.
Police said their probe began as a result of a tip they received from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. A talent for singing, playing guitar and painting, as well as her reputation as “the cool cousin” who knew all the best music, eventually gave way to drugs and the troubles that often come along with them, Josh Korody said. In a 2003 sentencing hearing for a robbery conviction, court heard that Nuttall was a reformed hard-core drug addict who assaulted a businessman on the head with a rock and stole his briefcase, all the while hallucinating that someone was trying to harm his unnamed girlfriend. Nuttall also appeared to have been musical, though were no Kiwanis music festival ribbons the likes of which Korody won in 1999. In a Facebook post Tuesday, Vancouver band Lust Boys identified Nuttall — whom they called Johnny blade — as the group’s ex guitarist. Morino said he had spoken to both suspects by phone Monday, but could not discuss what they had told him.
He urged law enforcement to avoid “hyperbole and the use of terms like Al Qaeda, terrorism and so forth,” and let the facts speak for themselves. GENEVA—The roar of a MiG fighter jet streaking somewhere above Anas Marwah’s car was deafening. Marwah, a 21-year-old Canadian-Syrian activist, had unwittingly borne witness to his first cluster bomb attack.
He learned the full story when he saw the 32-second YouTube video of the attack — an explosion accompanied by clouds of black dots falling from the sky — and visited a nearby hospital where almost two dozen civilians were pouring in from the single bombing run. Marwah’s experience that day — and the video of it that someone else managed to shoot — would eventually become one piece of a steadily expanding digital mosaic that is giving the outside world an unprecedented snapshot of the enduring mayhem being wreaked by cluster bomb attacks inside Syria.
That December attack was one of at least 119 involving a total of 156 bombs across Syria since last October, according to a report by Human Rights Watch.
Those assembling the digital forensic work behind that initial report know full well it could form the basis of a potential war crimes prosecution against the regime of Bashar Assad.
Syria is increasingly closed to journalists and researchers, which makes Assad’s denials of cluster bomb use especially difficult to challenge. But a sophisticated new brand of digital forensics is gradually emerging to overcome the obstacles. Tracking the bombs begins with someone shooting a video of an attack, usually on a portable mobile smart phone and then posting it online. It is only when a video is authenticated, and linked to the people who recorded it and to the victims and names and families, that “that video has been transformed into evidence of a potential war crime committed against this civilian population,” Lyons said.
Human Rights Watch also recruited the services of another secret weapon of sorts: an unemployed British office worker-turned-weapons blogger, who has built up a credible pedigree as an online information source. Higgins, who works from home, recalls seeing a noticeable spike in cluster bomb use over this past Oct. While the recent reports of chemical weapons use in Syria are extremely serious, the long-term damage they cause won’t be as bad as what cluster bombs will leave behind, Higgins said. All of Egypt is awaiting the answer, as President Mohammed Morsi defies an army-issued ultimatum to share power with his political foes by 5 p.m.
Late Tuesday night, Morsi fiercely defended his duty to remain as a democratically elected leader, saying “there is no substitute for legitimacy.” And he accused loyalists of deposed president Hosni Mubarak’s regime of using the massive protests to push him from power. Meanwhile, serious questions remain about whether the army — the most powerful and entrenched institution in the country — would help to produce the kind of root-and-branch political, economic and social change that millions of Egyptians are demanding. The military’s “road map” for regime change would suspend the constitution and install an interim administration headed by the country’s chief justice, Reuters reported.
There would be new presidential polls, followed by parliamentary polls when conditions for selecting candidates were rewritten.
In the hours after Morsi’s late-night speech, three people were killed and about 90 wounded in clashes near Cairo University between his supporters and security forces, an aide to Egypt’s health minister said.
Earlier, as demonstrations roiled across the country Tuesday, troops broke up clashes in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria and moved into strategically vital Suez and Port Said. Tens of thousands of Morsi supporters took to the streets against anti-Morsi protesters, who far outnumbered them. Then, the military oversaw parliamentary and presidential elections, and reportedly made deals with the Islamists for conservative forces to retain power and avoid the more radical changes that the Tahrir Square revolution was waged to create. Andrew McGregor of the Jamestown Foundation, an expert on the Egyptian military, said the army was taken aback by the criticism it received during the transitional period after Mubarak, when protesters were angered by impunity for human rights abuses and a downward spiral of the economy.

The army has managed to stay on top because the country is “deeply polarized and there are no other institutions,” says Fawaz Gerges, director of the Middle East Centre at the London School of Economics. But Gerges, who just returned from Egypt, says the current protests have a new and potent ingredient: the substantial participation of the poor. The poor, who had been less active in the Tahrir Square revolution, are now angry and rising. Last week, the state of Texas executed Kimberly McCarthy, a 52-year-old woman who was the 500th inmate executed since the death penalty was reinstated there in 1982. McCarthy, who at one time was an occupational therapist and had served time for forgery, was executed June 26 for killing a 70-year woman in a home robbery 16 years ago. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has catalogued the final statements of each prisoner executed since 1982, giving a chilling glimpse into the mind of a killer in his or her final moments.
Final statement: “To my loved ones and dear friends, I love ya’ll and appreciate ya’ll for being there. Final statement: “I did wrong, now I am paying the ultimate price, even though it’s a crooked way.
The parents of Maximus Huyskens followed behind their son’s casket on Wednesday morning, holding each other up under the sloping, tent-like roof of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Milton. Dressed in black, Marcus and Tamara Huyskens clung to each other throughout the hour-long service for their little boy, who died June 26 after he was left in a sweltering car at their home while in the care of his grandmother.
Although he’d arrived via an emergency C-section, according to Marcus, on a Facebook picture posted a day later the boy appeared rosy, tiny fists balled as his father held him swaddled in a blanket.
The congregation of almost 200 sang hymns and recited the Lord’s Prayer in solemn voices that filled the large church.
Maximus, who had an “infectious laugh” and always picked every flower he saw for his parents, is also survived by his 5-year-old sister Leilah and older brother Nico. On June 26, his parents came home to their townhouse on Jempson Path to discover a tragic scene — Maximus had been left for an “extended period of time” inside a small sedan, police said. In Edmonton, another child, a 3-year-old girl, died after being left unattended in a car on Tuesday, local police confirmed. Ottawa will resettle 1,300 Syrian refugees to Canada from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey over two years to address the deepening humanitarian crisis there, says Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. The announcement on Wednesday came a month after the Syrian Canadian community made a public appeal urging the federal government to establish a special program for displaced refugees caught up in the two-year-old civil war between Syrian President Bashar Assad and the opposition.
A coalition representing Canada’s 100,000-strong Syrian community welcomed the announcement, but worry about the lengthy screening and processing involved in the resettlement program. Two hundreds of the 1,300 Syrian refugees will be resettled with financial support by the Canadian government, while the rest will be assisted by community and faith groups that have sponsorship agreements with Ottawa. Last month, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced an extra $115 million in assistance to help Syrian refugees in Syria and neighbouring countries.
Alazem said the community was hoping Ottawa would offer speedy relief to help Syrian Canadians bring their loved ones to Canada by issuing temporary visas.
Kenney said Ottawa cannot open its doors to all Syrian refugees but will provide $1 million to fund five staff members to directly assist with the resettlement of displaced Syrians in Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. Religious fervour appears to have suddenly gripped the Canadian couple now accused of scheming a Canada Day terrorist plot in Victoria, B.C. The couple faces charges of facilitating a terrorist activity, conspiracy, and making or possessing an explosive device.
Within the last few months, neighbours in the northwest Surrey neighbourhood say there were signs of suspicious activity outside the home, which on Wednesday reeked of cat urine and was littered with clothes, duffel bags and coffee cups. Shanti Thaman, the landlord who lives above the couple’s basement apartment, said a truck parked near the house in early June prompted RCMP officers to swarm the property.
She and her neighbours had also noticed a man in a black pickup truck stopping by the apartment several times a week for the past six months to drop the pair off or pick them up.
Friends interviewed by the Star agree there were indications of problems for the couple, such as struggles with substance abuse. Stuart also described Nuttall as violent, saying he once had to pull him away from a car he had randomly started slamming with his fists. Old friends of Korody’s were equally stunned by the allegations against the daughter of a St. Andre Gerolymatos, a professor at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University and an expert in terrorism, said that while the RCMP have explicitly stated the duo was not supported by an outside group, it’s possible there may have been an “intermediary” from within Canada.
Dhillon, one of the couple’s Surrey neighbours, agreed that there were both bad and good sides to the couple — they recently helped another neighbour move in, and he recalled Korody gently playing with children in the street. Because, as many as 200 mobile phone towers spread across Bengkalis, on average not have permission.
Both were immediately arrested along with evidence of a large package of methamphetamine, and a small pack of shabu, two units of Honda Revo and Honda Mega Pro, Rp 600 thousand, a per-gram scales shabu, two units of mobile phones, a pipette methamphetamine, a plastic used for destroying drug methamphetamine. Dickey’s knee-high pants on Saturday and has since gone on a tear at the plate with three homers in the last three games. One contained rusty nails, while the others were allegedly going to be filled with nuts, bolts, nails and washers. A plot earlier this year to derail a Via Rail passenger train between Toronto and New York was said to have received support from Al Qaeda in Iran. Rideout said the pair charged in the case allegedly took steps to learn how to produce “explosive devices designed to cause injury and death” and discussed a number of possible targets and techniques.
Local newspaper stories described him as a violent thug and debt collector who once kicked a victim so hard he had to have a kidney removed. He posted four poor-quality recordings on a music website along with a picture of himself posing with four guitars. Premier Christy Clark was alerted to the impending arrests shortly before they were carried out on Monday. The treaty aims to ban the use of the deadly and indiscriminate bombs, each of which can unleash hundreds of deadly submunitions, or bomblets.

It combines social media video and photos, satellite imagery and ground-level reporting by researchers and activists on the front lines of a major attack. Researchers try to contact the videographer or locals near the scene so they can conduct independent verification.
12, 2012, attack in Aleppo, the Human Rights Watch report concluded that four civilians, including one child, were killed in the 3 p.m. That conclusion was based on the fact that local residents gathered at least seven unexploded submunitions, as well as numerous more YouTube videos.
The group contracted him to do some of the labour-intensive work of combing through hundreds of online videos.
Wednesday: a demand the army says it is imposing in response to millions who have taken to the streets to call for his ouster.
It would include civilian politicians from across the political spectrum and technocrats who could run the economically devastated country until a new constitution was drafted. In the last parliamentary elections, which ended in early 2012, Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood-backed party won nearly half the seats and hardline Islamist Salafis, another quarter. Seven people died fighting in Cairo suburbs and hundreds of others were wounded as the military went on alert to prevent the start of a possible civil war. But critics ask whether military intervention would merely return Egypt to the scenario after Mubarak’s ouster in February 2011. But the military was still able to marginalize the protesters and neutralize the emerging independent political forces, Stacher says. Whether the once unassailable army — which itself controls a virtual oligopoly of state and private enterprise — will draw their fire by stepping in to manage another transition could help to decide Egypt’s future. A 30-year-old white male police officer stopped the vehicle and attempted to arrest Williams.
11, 2003, Parr and a co-defendant approached two men outside a grocery store, pointed guns at them and told them to get out of their car. The victim had received a single gunshot to the upper body and was taken to hospital where the victim died. Several in the mass signed the words, along with an interpreter at the pulpit, their hands waving gracefully through the air. They finally recognized the crisis in Syria, which is the largest refugee crisis in the world today,” said Faisal Alazem of the Syrian Canadian Council in Montreal, one of seven groups involved in the coalition that met with Kenney in June.
Catharines native 10 years his junior, became increasingly devout Muslim converts within the last few years. If you talked to him he would talk only about religion,” said Kanwaljil Dhillon, 44, who lives two doors from the apartment.
Their alleged weapons of choice were pressure cookers filled with rusty nails and other hardware intended to kill or seriously injure.
Mounties evacuated residents from surrounding houses and asked Thaman about the suspects, who were not home at the time and did not return for five days. As mentioned by the Secretary Dishubkominfo Bengkalis, Radius Akima, of 200 cellular tower that no permit is, nearly 70 percent were located in Duri, District Saber.
The method for making an improvised bomb was popularized by Islamist militants fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and allegedly employed to deadly effect near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in May.
But she moved out West about a decade ago and has had little contact with her father, mother and sister, who live in New York, ever since. Canada is one of the 112 countries that has signed the convention, but has yet to formally ratify it.
The attacks were mapped with the aid of satellite imagery as well as the actual digital data embedded in the videos themselves. Higgins has worked with the organization’s munitions specialists to help identify specific types of weapons as part of the ongoing authentication process. The minority went to liberal, independent and secular candidates who complained the rules had sidelined them. McCarthy then used the victim’s credit cards and used the victim’s vehicle for transportation.
Parr and co-defendant forced the victims to the side of the building where they demanded their money. Cobb and his co-defendant fatally shot the male victim, sexually assaulted and shot the two female victims and left their bodies in a field.
He went to her apartment with a cup of gasoline, doused her and ignited her clothing with a lighter. Two of the charges — conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, and knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity — list March 2, 2013 as the offence date. The officer was able to get back to his car and radio for help, but died as a result of the gunshot. Both had begun wearing traditional Islamic dress, and made regular pilgrimages to the mosque. Officials says they used investigative and covert techniques to ensure there was no public safety risk. While in police custody, Chester confessed to this crime, two other murders, and three attempts to commit capital murder. Chester stated that he committed these offences because he was out his mind “with hate for white people” due to a disagreement with a white staff member over a disciplinary report during a previous incarceration.

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