EEEE stands for Everything Everywhere, it is a public limited company that provides different types of telecommunication services to the people.
The EE is a UK based Mobile Telecommunications company that was formed by the amalgamation of Orange S.A. It is considered an one the biggest company of Mobile Telecommunications in the entire United Kingdom.

Everything Everywhere Limited Company (EE), runs its business operations in the United Kingdom only, and provides its telecommunication services to approximately 28 million customers. These services are provided to the customer under the brands name of Orange, T-Mobile and its own name. Additionally, it also offers a device named as Dongle which helps the people to connect to the Internet by using a Tablet, PC or Laptop.

Everything Everywhere (EE) Retail Stores: Everything Everywhere Limited Company (EE), distributes its products and services through its large network of approximately 700 authorized stores located in different destinations across the United Kingdom.

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